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Nov 2017

2017 NYC Camper Reunion

Congratulations to the loyal Robin Hooders who battled New York Marathon traffic to attend the Annual NYC Camper Reunion Bowling and Ping Pong party. It was great to see: Malachy Guzman (and parents Robert and Roseanne); Teddy Nelson; Sebastian Finger; Sebastian Wood (and dad Ned); Pablo Navarro; Leyla Ziemba (and parents Robin and John); James “Table Tennis Champion” Danziger; James “Farlinsky” Farley (and mom Chele); and Lucia Simonian (and mom Carolina).

James Danziger, James Farley and Pablo Navarro all bowled strikes and Jon Pelz captured the action on our Snapchat “Strikecam”! Everyone had also had a fun time playing table tennis and billiards. Thank you to Jon for helping run the reunion.

2017 NYC Camper Reunion

Most campers were wearing some form of Robin Hood clothing, which put a smile on my face. All attending campers earned a Boston Whaler trip to Camden Harbor next summer! –Rick Littlefield

James, Malachy and James

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Oct 2017

What’s New for 2018

Improving Robin Hood every year is a personal obsession carefully considered each fall. What can be done to further enhance our already dynamic program? What new and meaningful challenges can we add to inspire campers to further reach outside their comfort zones? 

How can we improve our grounds, buildings and infrastructure?

Program improvements already underway:

Basketball Court: Expansion and re-Paving Our new basketball court (in the same location) will be nine feet longer and three feet wider. The added size of the court will give a boost to our basketball program and also enhance our skateboarding, rip-stick and badminton programs. Street hockey will also be added to the activity schedule.

Handsome is the first to play ball on our new basketball court!

Bubble Soccer Activity Enhancement: Campers will be able to play Bubble Soccer more frequently thanks to the addition of a large storage shed by the upper soccer field that will allow bubble balls to be inflated and deflated in less than half the current time.

More Bubble Soccer games in 2018

Mountain Biking: Our fleet of mountain bikes will grow in anticipation of greater interest thanks to the development of more local trails this fall and newly discovered trails in nearby Holbrook Island Sanctuary. Combined with our in-camp mountain biking obstacle course and Acadia National Park biking trips, mountain biking should grow in popularity.

Waterfront Landscaping: You will be surprised and impressed by the much greener look along our waterfront area and the addition of a cleared picnic table area to the right of Campfire Beach toward Davis Lodge.

New walkway to the Waterfront

New Swim and Canoe Beach:  Below our new picnic table area on the waterfront side of Davis Lodge will be a walkway leading down to a small sand beach to be used for swimming and will be where our canoes will be relocated.

New enhancements planned for 2018:

Wakeboard Dock and Runway: A larger dock will be built this spring to better accommodate the popularity of the wakeboard program. Also, the dock runway will have enhanced stability thanks to adding a heavy steel support system identical to our main runway.

New Waterski Boat: We will be shopping for a new waterski boat this off-season.

A new waterski boat will be added in 2018

Fishing Dock: You want to go Fishin’? Fishing has never been better, so we will be locating a dedicated fishing dock off our waterfront by Opening Day. The bass fishing on Parker Pond, the Penobscot River, Snake Pond, and Walker Pond was terrific this summer. We also had excellent fly fishing instruction. The State of Maine has begun to stock Walker Pond with brown trout for our fly fishermen to fish for this coming summer.

There will be a new fishing dock next summer

We will send you updates and pictures as work progresses and also announce additional exciting planned improvements to Robin Hood with our next newsletter and through social media. –Rick Littlefield

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Oct 2017

2018 Refer A Friend Program!

Earn $150 Cash Reward and Special Gifts!

Almost all new campers come to Robin Hood because of the “word of mouth” recommendation of current families. Robin Hood only remains strong if loyal campers and families recommend other new camp families.

Here’s what to do:

I. Earn special gifts if Rick Littlefield interviews your recommendation!

Suggest a friend, classmate, cousin, brother or sister who wants to learn more about Robin Hood. If your recommendation interviews with Rick Littlefield before December 31, 2017 you earn these special gifts!

One Late Sleep In for Your Cabin!


An RH Backpack!

II. Receive a $150 cash reward if your recommendation comes to camp!

If you return to Robin Hood, you will receive a $150 cash reward for each camper you recruit who joins you at camp.

Tips on How to Recruit Your Friends:

  • 1. Tell your friends about Robin Hood and about how much fun you had at camp.
  • 2. Show them the Robin Hood website and all the pictures and videos.
  • 3. Show your Robin Hood DVD together with you.
  • 4. Ask your parents if they have ideas of who to recruit and ask for their help.
  • 5. Send us the prospect’s contact information, email, name and age so our office can follow through and contact them directly.

We hope to hear from you!

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Sep 2017

Rick Littlefield Coming to a City Near You

Robin Hood Camp Director Rick Littlefield will once again be on the road starting next month to meet new and current campers and their families.

His Fall and early Winter U.S. itinerary appears below. If you would like him to drop by to say hello or meet your friends who are interested in learning more about Robin Hood, please send us an email to

Friday, Oct. 20-Sunday, Oct. 22 New York City/Greenwich
Saturday, November 4 New York City/ Greenwich
Sunday, November 5 New York City Camper Bowling/Ping Pong Reunion, 1-3pm, Lucky Strike Manhattan
Monday, Nov. 6-Tuesday, Nov. 7 New York City/Greenwich
Saturday, December 2- Monday, December 4 Miami
Friday, January 5 Greenwich
Saturday, January 6 Brooklyn/New York City
Sunday, January 7 New York City Skating Party, 11am-1pm, Wollman Rink
Monday, January 8 New York City/New Jersey
Tuesday, January 9 Boston

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Sep 2017

September in Maine

A good day Fall fishing!

Remaining in Maine into mid-September, for the first time in many years, has allowed Robin and I opportunities to enjoy and appreciate Robin Hood in unique ways. It feels odd to experience a Boston Whaler boat excursion to Camden Harbor without 10 campers aboard to share time together over lobster dinners. Downtown camp is an eerie ghost town without the vibrancy of hundreds of campers and counselors to bring it alive. There are no campers to play ping pong, tennis, golf, or chess with. But it is peaceful beyond words and serenely beautiful.

Even the loons seem to miss the liveliness Robin Hood creates on the lake for two months. Three curious loons surfaced next to our Hobie Cat sailboat and followed us to shore two days in a row as if to ask “where did everyone go?”

The irony is that late August and early September, after camp has closed, is the best time to be in Maine. Absolutely no mosquitos are buzzing, temperatures are in the 70’s and almost no rain. Nights can be brisk fall evenings.

It has been fun to have all the Robin Hood toys and lake to ourselves and friends. Now is time for reflection to review this past season and to re-calibrate to create plans for next summer. The next blog will announce what we are planning new for next summer.

Wish you were in Maine to share RH in it’s fall glory with us! Best of luck with school and your ambitions. Think of us from time to time. Only 283 days until Opening Day 2018! –Rick Littlefield

First signs of Fall on Caterpillar Hill.

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Apr 2017

Look Who’s Coming to Maine!

Take a quick peek at just some of the incredibly talented counselors and special programs offered at Robin Hood Camp this summer.  We have literally “searched the world over” to fill our team of our high-caliber, experienced and mature (average age is 23!) staff.

Very limited camper spaces available… Share the excitement!


Golf Academy participants with Mitch Hunt

Specialty Sports Academies Our specialty sports academies for Wakeboard/Waterski, Golf, Tennis, Soccer and Squash for dedicated athletes looking to improve their skills in these specific sports:

  • Wakeboard/Waterski Week 1 (June 25-July 1) and Week 7 (August 6-August 12) Led by Dean Lavelle (USA), Wakeboard World Champion (Week 7)
  • Golf Academy Week 2 (July 2-July 8) and Week 6 (July 20-August 5) Led by Mitch Hunt (New Zealand), PGA Pro
  • Soccer Academy  Week 3 (July 9-July 15) and Week 6 (July 20-August 5) Led by Bruce Groshong (USA), Elite Soccer coach
  • Squash Academy  Week 2 (July 2-July 8) and Week 3 (July 9-July 15) Led by Hameed Ahmed (USA/Sweden), Assistant Harvard University Squash coach
  • Tennis Academy  Week 2 (July 2-July 8), Week 3 (July 9-July 15) and Week 6 (July 20-August 5) Led by Head Pro Arpan Trivedi (India), returning for his 9th


Tennis Academy participants with Arpan Trivedi

Muay Thai with Nghia Tran

Muy Thai Kick Boxing  Our most popular activity in camp will continue under the inspired leadership of the popular champion Nghia Tran (Australia) for the 16th year in a row!

Wakeboarding/Waterskiing Federico (Colombia), Andy (New Zealand) and Nico  (Colombia) return to run the Wakeboarding/Waterskiing program, which includes a brand new Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat. New to the team is Martin (Colombia), an accomplished trick skier who has represented Colombia in the Pan American, Latin American and national championships.

Equestrian Riding  A new ring with 40-50% more square footage and improved drainage and new surface material was installed two years ago and we have added two new hunter/jumper ponies. Olivia (New Zealand) returns to lead the enhanced equestrian program.

Equine Wakeboarding

Equine Wakeboarding Olivia (New Zealand) will lead this incredibly popular sport for advanced wakeboarders, found only at Robin Hood Camp!

Mind and Body – Meditation

Mind & Body Program Launched last year, this activity emphasizes the well being of the physical and spiritual sides of campers through Yoga and other lessons and will be directed once again by Ástrós (Iceland).

Chess Edward (New Zealand), a nationally ranked tournament player, returns to share his skills with Robin Hood campers this summer.

Archery National team player Paulina (Mexico), returns along with colleagues Camila (Mexico) and Mario (Mexico), who also both compete in Archery at the national level.

Baseball Baseball at Robin Hood will be led by Timo (Germany), who has played for first German division at national level and is a current baseball coach.

Basketball Former professional player Joel (Germany/Serbia) will head the hoops program this summer.


Rowing The current fleet of basic beginner training shells has been expanded and we have added one new competition double rowing shell. Rachael (Scotland), who has held the Scottish rowing champion title for the past seven years, returns as the head Crew counselor.

Sailing Working with other very talented Sailing counselors from around the world, Andrew (Monaco), a National Sailing Travel Team of Monaco and International Racing Team member, will lead the Sailing Racing program.


Szabolcs (Hungary), a member of national Pentathlon team, will teach Fencing.

Circus/Stilts Mia (Australia) returns to run our Stilts program, which catapulted in popularity under Mia’s leadership last summer.

Stilts with Mia

In Drums, Carly (Scotland) will introduce Pipe Band Drumming.

For Dance, we have two professional Hip Hop instructors on staff—Kristy (New Zealand) and Konstantin (Germany) — as well as Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical and Ballet dance instruction.

We are thrilled about our new and returning staff, and look forward to a productive and fun summer at Robin Hood. –Rick Littlefield, Director


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Mar 2017

Mind & Body Program

Robin Hood’s Mind and Body program includes a trip to practice yoga on top of Acadia National Park’s Cadillac Mountain at sunrise.

Meditation class

Learning and developing techniques to alleviate stress is important to us all. Children need to enhance their ability to self-sooth for their physical and mental health. Robin Hood is proud to be at the forefront in camping in offering these important skills to campers. I encourage each and every camper to come and check out our Mind & Body Program this summer. -Rick Littlefield

Robin Hood Camp | 

Mind & Body Program


Mind & Body is a new activity emphasizing the well-being of the physical and spiritual sides of campers. This activity is highly influenced by Yoga to help build a healthy, sustainable body. Benefits include mindfulness and listening to the body to keep all parts of the body happy. We teach campers how to find trigger points on themselves and their friends in order to release muscle tension. Campers learn their body’s anatomy and gain knowledge on how to prevent injuries. With the combination of practicing Yoga and trigger points, campers will learn how to better maintain and sustain their bodies. By improving strength, flexibility and focus campers will soon find that improvement in other sports will come naturally.

The body is a magnificent work of art that is always changing and therefore it is important to know how to treat pain or injuries.

Sunrise meditation from top of Cadillac Mountain


  • We practice Yoga
  • We listen to our bodies
  • We are mindful towards our co-practitioners
  • We meditate
  • We use trigger points to release muscle tension
  • We work on our strength and flexibility
  • We practice Mind & Body to improve in other sports 

Weekly Plan

Day 1

  • Introduction to campers -Campers influence structure of the week if have requests(injuries,pain)
  • Campers learn the Yoga breathing
  • Short Yoga warm up
  • Meditation

Day 2

  • Yoga warm up lawn at Top Notch
  • Self massage on the shoulders and chest
  • Meditation

Day 3

  • Campers partner up and learn how to massage and learn trigger points on the legs

Day 4

  • Yoga warm up by the lake – or on it
  • Self massage the sole of the feet
  • Meditation

Day 5

  • Yoga stretch class at Top Notch
  • Meditation

Day 6

  • Meditation Class – a long meditation followed by a sharing circle where we talk about the week

Day 7

  • Fun class – Campers get to lead the class, depending on their understanding and confidence in the material


Yoga is an integral part of Robin Hood’s Mind & Body program.


Astros returns to lead the Mind & Body program in 2017.

Sunrise meditation happens after an overnight camping trip to Acadia National Park Trip.



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Mar 2017

New “Ye Old” Robin Hood Banners Available!

In honor of Robin Hood’s 90th Anniversary we are bringing back an old tradition of felt Robin Hood banners from 50+ years ago. These authentic reproductions will be given to Robin Hood Ambassadors whose loyalty and efforts have been responsible for recommending and bringing 10+ new families to become Robin Hood campers.

Current campers can also win these banners in our soon-to-be-announced Spring Refer A Friend promotion. More to come! Robin Hood has remained viable and strong for 90 seasons only due to the loyal efforts of alumni and current families who have recommended us to their friends, classmates, and family members.

Alumni and current families may also purchase banners for $25 each from our Outfitters starting in April.

We will be formally recognizing our loyal Robin Hood Ambassadors publicly this spring by writing articles about each one of them in blog articles. The legacy of Robin Hood has been established and maintained by activist families, and the Littlefield family is profoundly grateful for those who have devoted their time and energy to help keep Robin Hood alive for 90 years.

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Feb 2017

2nd Annual London Camper Reunion Bowling Party

2017 London Camper Reunion Bowling Party

London’s Camper Reunion, held Saturday, February 25, wins the award for being the best-attended reunion bowling party of the season! It was special to see Lorenzo and Edoardo Usai, Pietro Pignatti, and Carlo Masoni arrive wearing RH white hoodies. Loved it! Thanks also for joining us: Anya and Armand Nedungadi, new camper Laura Logan, Omala and Ela Snyder, Gabriela Horn Montoya, Zoe Smith, Lauren Shillabeer, Alessia Ascolani, Evelyn Walsh (and her alumnus Dad Matt Walsh), Pauline Brandenburg, and India Campbell who brought good friend Ayisha Durbar, and younger brother Adam Durbar (top score bowler and future camper). Plus, a big thank you to 16-year Robin Hood veteran and popular Program Director Jon Pelz and to Matt Powley who both helped run the event. Adding to the excitement of the party was a fire alarm evacuation that briefly interrupted the fun but created a perfect group photo opportunity taken by Laura Logan’s mom. –Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield with Lorenzo and Edoardo Usai

Campers wore their white hoodies!

India Campbell and Ayesha Dunbar

Adam Durbar (brother of Ayesha) with Jon Pelz and Matt Powley

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Feb 2017

Rick Littlefield Heads to Europe

Rick Littlefield will once again be on the road next week to meet new and current campers and their families. Next stop—Europe!

His itinerary so far appears below. If you would like him to drop by to say hello or meet your friends who are interested in learning more about Robin Hood, please send us an email to

February 23-27    London

February 28-March 2    Paris

March 3-4    Rome

March 5-6    Florence

March 7    Milan

March 8    Geneva

March 9    Gstaad

March 10-12    Madrid

March 13    Monaco/Monte Carlo

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