Look Who’s Coming to Maine!

Take a quick peek at just some of the incredibly talented counselors and special programs offered at Robin Hood Camp this summer.  We have literally “searched the world over” to fill our team of our high-caliber, experienced and mature (average age is 23!) staff.

Very limited camper spaces available… Share the excitement!


Golf Academy participants with Mitch Hunt

Specialty Sports Academies Our specialty sports academies for Wakeboard/Waterski, Golf, Tennis, Soccer and Squash for dedicated athletes looking to improve their skills in these specific sports:

  • Wakeboard/Waterski Week 1 (June 25-July 1) and Week 7 (August 6-August 12) Led by Dean Lavelle (USA), Wakeboard World Champion (Week 7)
  • Golf Academy Week 2 (July 2-July 8) and Week 6 (July 20-August 5) Led by Mitch Hunt (New Zealand), PGA Pro
  • Soccer Academy  Week 3 (July 9-July 15) and Week 6 (July 20-August 5) Led by Bruce Groshong (USA), Elite Soccer coach
  • Squash Academy  Week 2 (July 2-July 8) and Week 3 (July 9-July 15) Led by Hameed Ahmed (USA/Sweden), Assistant Harvard University Squash coach
  • Tennis Academy  Week 2 (July 2-July 8), Week 3 (July 9-July 15) and Week 6 (July 20-August 5) Led by Head Pro Arpan Trivedi (India), returning for his 9th


Tennis Academy participants with Arpan Trivedi

Muay Thai with Nghia Tran

Muy Thai Kick Boxing  Our most popular activity in camp will continue under the inspired leadership of the popular champion Nghia Tran (Australia) for the 16th year in a row!

Wakeboarding/Waterskiing Federico (Colombia), Andy (New Zealand) and Nico  (Colombia) return to run the Wakeboarding/Waterskiing program, which includes a brand new Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat. New to the team is Martin (Colombia), an accomplished trick skier who has represented Colombia in the Pan American, Latin American and national championships.

Equestrian Riding  A new ring with 40-50% more square footage and improved drainage and new surface material was installed two years ago and we have added two new hunter/jumper ponies. Olivia (New Zealand) returns to lead the enhanced equestrian program.

Equine Wakeboarding

Equine Wakeboarding Olivia (New Zealand) will lead this incredibly popular sport for advanced wakeboarders, found only at Robin Hood Camp!

Mind and Body – Meditation

Mind & Body Program Launched last year, this activity emphasizes the well being of the physical and spiritual sides of campers through Yoga and other lessons and will be directed once again by Ástrós (Iceland).

Chess Edward (New Zealand), a nationally ranked tournament player, returns to share his skills with Robin Hood campers this summer.

Archery National team player Paulina (Mexico), returns along with colleagues Camila (Mexico) and Mario (Mexico), who also both compete in Archery at the national level.

Baseball Baseball at Robin Hood will be led by Timo (Germany), who has played for first German division at national level and is a current baseball coach.

Basketball Former professional player Joel (Germany/Serbia) will head the hoops program this summer.


Rowing The current fleet of basic beginner training shells has been expanded and we have added one new competition double rowing shell. Rachael (Scotland), who has held the Scottish rowing champion title for the past seven years, returns as the head Crew counselor.

Sailing Working with other very talented Sailing counselors from around the world, Andrew (Monaco), a National Sailing Travel Team of Monaco and International Racing Team member, will lead the Sailing Racing program.


Szabolcs (Hungary), a member of national Pentathlon team, will teach Fencing.

Circus/Stilts Mia (Australia) returns to run our Stilts program, which catapulted in popularity under Mia’s leadership last summer.

Stilts with Mia

In Drums, Carly (Scotland) will introduce Pipe Band Drumming.

For Dance, we have two professional Hip Hop instructors on staff—Kristy (New Zealand) and Konstantin (Germany) — as well as Jazz, Contemporary/Lyrical and Ballet dance instruction.

We are thrilled about our new and returning staff, and look forward to a productive and fun summer at Robin Hood. –Rick Littlefield, Director


Robin Hood’s Mind and Body program includes a trip to practice yoga on top of Acadia National Park’s Cadillac Mountain at sunrise.

Meditation class

Learning and developing techniques to alleviate stress is important to us all. Children need to enhance their ability to self-sooth for their physical and mental health. Robin Hood is proud to be at the forefront in camping in offering these important skills to campers. I encourage each and every camper to come and check out our Mind & Body Program this summer. -Rick Littlefield

Robin Hood Camp | 

Mind & Body Program


Mind & Body is a new activity emphasizing the well-being of the physical and spiritual sides of campers. This activity is highly influenced by Yoga to help build a healthy, sustainable body. Benefits include mindfulness and listening to the body to keep all parts of the body happy. We teach campers how to find trigger points on themselves and their friends in order to release muscle tension. Campers learn their body’s anatomy and gain knowledge on how to prevent injuries. With the combination of practicing Yoga and trigger points, campers will learn how to better maintain and sustain their bodies. By improving strength, flexibility and focus campers will soon find that improvement in other sports will come naturally.

The body is a magnificent work of art that is always changing and therefore it is important to know how to treat pain or injuries.

Sunrise meditation from top of Cadillac Mountain


  • We practice Yoga
  • We listen to our bodies
  • We are mindful towards our co-practitioners
  • We meditate
  • We use trigger points to release muscle tension
  • We work on our strength and flexibility
  • We practice Mind & Body to improve in other sports 

Weekly Plan

Day 1

  • Introduction to campers -Campers influence structure of the week if have requests(injuries,pain)
  • Campers learn the Yoga breathing
  • Short Yoga warm up
  • Meditation

Day 2

  • Yoga warm up lawn at Top Notch
  • Self massage on the shoulders and chest
  • Meditation

Day 3

  • Campers partner up and learn how to massage and learn trigger points on the legs

Day 4

  • Yoga warm up by the lake – or on it
  • Self massage the sole of the feet
  • Meditation

Day 5

  • Yoga stretch class at Top Notch
  • Meditation

Day 6

  • Meditation Class – a long meditation followed by a sharing circle where we talk about the week

Day 7

  • Fun class – Campers get to lead the class, depending on their understanding and confidence in the material


Yoga is an integral part of Robin Hood’s Mind & Body program.


Astros returns to lead the Mind & Body program in 2017.

Sunrise meditation happens after an overnight camping trip to Acadia National Park Trip.



In honor of Robin Hood’s 90th Anniversary we are bringing back an old tradition of felt Robin Hood banners from 50+ years ago. These authentic reproductions will be given to Robin Hood Ambassadors whose loyalty and efforts have been responsible for recommending and bringing 10+ new families to become Robin Hood campers.

Current campers can also win these banners in our soon-to-be-announced Spring Refer A Friend promotion. More to come! Robin Hood has remained viable and strong for 90 seasons only due to the loyal efforts of alumni and current families who have recommended us to their friends, classmates, and family members.

Alumni and current families may also purchase banners for $25 each from our Outfitters starting in April.

We will be formally recognizing our loyal Robin Hood Ambassadors publicly this spring by writing articles about each one of them in blog articles. The legacy of Robin Hood has been established and maintained by activist families, and the Littlefield family is profoundly grateful for those who have devoted their time and energy to help keep Robin Hood alive for 90 years.


I often get asked about our popular, charismatic, dynamic, and incredibly talented Waterski guru from the early 1980’s Jon Carder and am happy to report that John is still as dynamic, vibrant, athletic, and competitive as ever in the world of waterskiing, as well as a successful Pediatric Emergency Care Doctor in Knoxville, TN.

While having breakfast in Carmel, CA on a rainy November morning a voice called out with the unmistakable Southern accent “Is that Rick Littlefield?” Sitting next to me was my good friend Dr. Jon Carder, and his lovely wife Dr. Lee Jung. Jon deserves full credit for being the Founding Father of the Robin Hood waterskiing program. Back in the 1980s when Jon first arrived RH had one ski boat, a 17’ Boston Whaler Montauk with a 70 HP Mercury outboard motor. He convinced me to purchase two used Ski Supreme competition ski boats as an incentive for him to return the next year. Next thing I know he had built a slalom course, was teaching barefooting, slalom, trick skiis, and eventually convinced me (reluctantly) to build a jump ramp, and offer intensive Ski Academy during pre-camp.

During his years with us, John had a cult following of admirers much like our Muay Thai Champion Nghia Tran has today. Admiring campers all wanted to sit at his Water Ski table and ski with him as much as possible. Funny, mischievous, very bright, and with relentless energy John became a superstar. He trained and inspired Brazilian camper Renato Abucham to greatness as Brazil’s Jr. and Men’s Champion. He taught me to barefoot, conquer the slalom course, and even jump in middle age.

Few people at Robin Hood have been more fun to be around than John. There was always an exciting adventure happening and much laughing. I call John the most likable show off I have ever met. If he saw a group of girls sunbathing across the lake or in a passing boat he would signal me to drive close to them and he would perform some ridiculous attention to get their admiration like a forward flip on a waterski, or kick up the biggest slalom wake imaginable. He could be hysterically funny and nobody was ever bored in his company.

Thank you John for your large contribution to Robin Hood. You inspired me to pursue as many unusually talented counselors and people as I could find. Without John’s inspiration we may not have evolved into what we have become in 2016. Thank you John.  –Rick Littlefield

2017 Skating Party

Perhaps our best skating party reunion ever! Twenty-five enthusiastic campers, four staffers, and many parents braved cold weather, and tricky travel conditions to skate and network at Trump Arena in Central Park Sunday morning. Many true loyalists appeared wearing RH uniform clothing. Once again Alistair won the “Best Dressed Award” wearing a complete uniform of RH sweat pants, T-shirt, and white hoodie. Anna Hoernig won the “Long Distance Award” for traveling from Washington DC and I was impressed by how many drove or trained in from Connecticut and New Jersey. Both Alistair and Anna earned a lobster or steak dinner this summer! Great to see: Sebastian Wood, James Danzinger, Gunnar Overstrom, Malachy Guzman, Anna, Alistair, and Arthur Schnieders, Lyla and Ella Miller, Marcus and Benjamin Matitia, Ley and Zachary Ziemba, William Leon, Lucia and Santiago Simonian, Alexandra and Sofia McGoey, Alice, Sophie and Thea von Seidel, William Riley, and Anna Hoernig. Alex and Veronica Moreno dropped by at the end to say hello. Congrats Veronica on getting into Boston College and Alex on getting into the University of Miami. Thank you very much to 15 year RHers Chris and Jon Pelz for your much-appreciated help in running the event. Welcome back from the University of Edinburgh! Sorry if I missed any other camper’s names. Next Reunion up will be the Bowling Party Reunion in London February 25.

Bundled up for skating!





Congratulations to the following camper families. They are just some of the families who have enrolled under the December/January tuition discounts. Each family has received TWO of our new RH magnetic bumper stickers, and each camper received two adhesive RH stickers!

Sarah Mojica Arango

Philippa von Selchow

Sadie Wilson

Camilla, Caprina & Lola Fiorenza

Marcelo Barrera

Alexander & Daisy Sheikh

Christian & Eleanor Graziano

Nicole Rausch

Alya Ben Youssef

LilaMaria Martinez

Elizabeth & Wesley Tarbell

Charlotte Loechner

Toby Goldston

Lucas, Alice & Felipe Zelmanovits

Brooke Henkel

Anis Basini

Eric Bartunek

Enroll today and earn prizes for your family!

Remember… Our December/January Enrollment Incentive Plan is happening now through January 31– the last tuition discounts of the year! Enroll by January 31 and receive a discount up to $600 if both the registration fee and tuition are paid in full.  All funds paid in advance are 100% refundable until April 1, 2017, if you withdraw for any reason. See our Dates and Rates page for details.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office at robinhood@robinhoodcamp.om with any questions! We can’t wait to see you in Maine this summer!

Mark your calendars for the 2017 RH challenges, events and trips! We hope this week by week calendar helps you plan which weeks to attend RH this summer.

Note: It’s is not necessary to sign up for any challenge, event or trip until camp starts.

Week 1 (June 25-July 1)

Wakeboard/Waterski Academy

Ocean Yacht Cruise Monday-Wednesday & Wednesday-Friday

1K Challenge (Rest Hour) Wednesday

Across the Lake Paddle (Afternoon Activity) Wednesday


Week 2 (July 2-July 8)

Golf, Tennis and Squash Academy

Ocean Yacht Cruise  Wednesday-Friday

Super Deep Water (1st Afternoon Activity) Monday

4th of July Carnival (Afternoon Activity) Tuesday

5K Road Race (Rest Hour) Wednesday

Across the Lake Swim Challenge #1 (1st Afternoon Activity) Thursday


Week 3 (July 9-July 15)

Tennis, Squash and Soccer Academies

Ocean Yacht Cruise  Monday-Wednesday & Wednesday-Friday

PADI Scuba Certification  Monday-Friday

Super Deep Water (2nd Afternoon Activity)  Tuesday

1K Road Race (Campfire) Tuesday

Boston Trip Tuesday-Thursday

Around The Lake Challenge #1 (Morning Interest) Thursday


Week 4 (July 16-July 22)

Mt Katahdin Trip Monday-Wednesday

Super Uber Deep Water Test (1st Afternoon Activity) – Monday

Ocean Yacht Cruise Monday-Wednesday & Wednesday-Friday

Colombia Day Thursday

Across the Lake Paddle (1st Afternoon Activity) Thursday

Pirate Day Carnival (Afternoon Activity) Friday


Week 5 (July 23-29)

5K Road Race (Rest Hour) Monday

Ocean Yacht Cruise Monday-Wednesday & Wednesday-Friday

PADI Scuba Certification Monday-Friday

Super Uber Deep Water (1st Afternoon Activity) Tuesday

Boston Trip Tuesday-Thursday

Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge Thursday

Monte Carlo Day (Afternoon Activity) Friday


Week 6 (July 30-August 5)

Golf, Tennis and Soccer Academies

Ocean Yacht Cruise Monday-Wednesday & Wednesday-Friday

Mt Katahdin Trip Monday-Wednesday

Across the Lake Swim Challenge #2 (1st Afternoon Activity)  Monday

Around the Lake Challenge #2 (Morning Interest) Thursday


Week 7 (August 6-August 13)

Wakeboard/Waterski Academy

Nottingham Fair Day Saturday



Whitewater Rafting Every Tuesday

Penobscot River Fishing Every Wednesday

Dance Every Friday

Talent Show Every Sunday

Waterdogging Depending on tides


Bernice Cote passed away recently after a lengthy battle with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 81. For close to 30 years Bernice was the heart and soul of Robin Hood. She was our Enrollment Director, the loyal right hand person and confidante to my father and myself, the calming voice of reassurance to thousands of anxious parents and campers, camp humorist, and a second mother to me.

Eulogies risk lapsing into the realm of embellished virtues, but not this one. I have not encountered a warmer, more loving soul than Mrs. Cote. Unselfish to a fault, non-judgmental, loyal, kind, thoughtful, uncomplaining, and full of unconditional love for her children, family, and those she cared about. Bernice was a positive role model and a bedrock of stability. She inspired me to want to be a better man and to become the best camp Director I can be. There was a playful joyfulness to Mrs. Cote that somehow found humor in most everything. If you wanted to feel better about life, just hang around Bernice for a while. She laughed easily and often and enjoyed her own company and sense of humor as much as we all did.

When driving to and from Maine frequently while living in the Boston area I would often drop by to say hello briefly, and more often than not, found myself sitting at Bernice’s kitchen table in N. Reading eating homemade pie or an improvised meal thanks to her perpetual hospitality. During the many summers Bernice lived at Top Notch, Robin or I would conveniently leave a container of fresh blueberries or a bowl of apples on the kitchen counter knowing that within a matter of hours a warm blueberry or apple pie would magically appear thanks to Bernice.

When our daughters Tanya, Jasmin, Camille, and Annalee were little and it was bath or bed time at Top Notch, Robin and I would more often than not hear giggles and laughter coming from Bernice’s room downstairs and we would find them lying comfortably on Bernice’s bed watching the Red Sox on television or being read to. We knew where to find the girls and it was difficult to tear them away from “Aunt Bernicey”.

Bernice loved Maine and Robin Hood, and Robin Hood and I loved Bernice. We invite you to attend a memorial service for Mrs. Cote at the outdoor Robin Hood Chapel in Maine, most likely Saturday July 29 at 1:30 pm. It was her wish to have a brief service at camp with a few campers in attendance. Our most recent girls cabin was named “Bernice” in her honor 4 years ago and a camper scholarship will be given annually in her name. We miss you Bernice but you will not be forgotten.

With Much Love,
Rick Littlefield


The last opportunity to take advantage of our enrollment tuition discounts begins Dec. 1 and ends Jan. 31.  In order to guarantee a place for your camper and avoid the possibility of being wait-listed, we strongly encourage December and January enrollment. December/January Rates will be posted on website on December 1.

Two financial options to consider:

  1. Enroll by January 31 – and receive a tuition discount up to $600 if both the registration fee and tuition are paid in full.  All funds paid in advance are 100% refundable until April 1, 2017, if you withdraw for any reason.
  2. Enroll and submit only the $500 registration fee.  This will hold a place for your child.  The tuition balance will be due by April 1, 2017, at the full tuition rate.  The registration fee is also 100% refundable until April 1 if you need to withdraw for any reason.

The first 25 campers to enroll under the New Year Discounts win TWO of our new RH magnetic bumper stickers!



Hameed Ahmed

Great news! Harvard Men’s & Women’s Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed has officially signed on to run our 3rd season of Squash Academy for two weeks July 2- July 15. Harvard won both Men’s (2014) and Women’s (2015) National Championship as well as three Ivy League titles. Hameed has coached more than 20 All American college Squash players in his career.

As a player, Hameed was seven-time National Champion of Finland, held a #8 European Ranking, and was #18 in the world. Most important, Hameed is among the greatest role models, superior coaches, and nicest people I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. In Hameed’s spare time he is working on his MBA degree at Harvard. We are blessed to have him with us. -Rick Littlefield




Congratulations to the following campers, whose friends have interviewed with Rick Littlefield so far this Fall. All the campers below have either a RH backpack OR a Sleep In this summer for their cabin plus personalize RH pillowcase.

Tara Ahluwalia

Chip Paardekooper

Ploni Paardekooper

Valeria Arvelo

Kate Wilson

Joao Vergara

Robert Tang

Sydney Green

Thank you for the recommendations! Robin Hood remains strong because loyal campers and families recommend other new camp families.




Construction is underway on a new girls’ cabin to be completed by the end of the year with luck. Nella will be our roomiest and best girls’ cabin ever built at Robin Hood. It will be two feet wider than any other girls’ cabin so it should be, and feel, more spacious and also have more floor space down the center aisle. The bathroom will be completely tiled and have sinks and power outlets both inside and outside the bathroom. The windows will be slightly bigger, and the exterior walls will have log cabin siding installed.

We will accept the same number of girl campers as last summer so the new cabin will help to alleviate overcrowding during peak weeks.

We promise to send you progress photos as construction continues. As you will see from the drone aerial photograph the cabin location is just above Inpost and across from Thames.



2016 New York Bowling Reunion

Congratulations to Pablo Navarro, Anna Schnieders, and Teddy Nelson for winning lobster or steak dinners this summer for their bowling scores at the New York Camper Bowling Reunion Sunday November 6! Alistair Schnieders also earned a loyalty award of a lobster or steak dinner by appearing in full RH uniform complete with shorts (impressive in November), t-shirt and hoodie. Thanks also go to Arthur Schnieders, Malachy Guzman, and Xander Ferguson who showed up proudly wearing their RH hoodies; Teddy Nelson, who wore six green and red RH wrist bands; alumnus Robyn Assile Ziemba (one of the very first girls to attend RH as a camper), who arrived with daughter Leyla and son Zachary, and husband John; and future camper Christian Anderson, who earned the long distance award for taking the train in from Princeton, NJ. Also great to see squash star Toby Goldston. The NYC Marathon suppressed our Upper East side and CT camper attendance due to major street closings but those who came made up for this with their enthusiasm. Thanks for coming!


Allistair Schnieders in full RH uniform


Malachy Guzman, Xander Ferguson and Teddy Nelson


Arthur, Anna and Alistair Schnieders


Moomba says “Look at me sparkle!”

The new Moomba is here!

Take a look at the pictures of our shiny, sparkly brand new Wakeboard/ Wakesurf boat that arrived at camp last week looking eager to hit the water in June 2017. The Moomba is specially rigged for use with Wakesurfing, the fastest growing water sport.

Moomba is begging you to come aboard.

Moomba is begging you to come aboard.


Moomba tyring to back itself into the lake.

Moomba tyring to back itself into the lake.


No sooner does camp end that we begin plotting and scheming to improve RH for next year. These are some of the projects we are committed to:

-Two boys’ cabins and one girls’ cabin have already been re-roofed.

-The dining room floor is in the process of being completely re-tiled.

-We have purchased a 2016 Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat.


New 2016 Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat

-A new boys’ shower house will be built ON THE HILL by next summer.

-The girls’ shower house is being made bigger.

-A new girls’ cabin to be named “Nella” begins construction in October! (FYI: In Robin Hood lore, Nella is the sherrif’s daughter and the woman Will Stutely is in love with.)


-New and additional shelving is being added to two to three more girls’ cabins.

We’ll keep you in the loop as these plans progress and as exciting program ideas evolve! -Rick Littlefield

With another spectacular summer on the lake and by the sea behind us, the following highlights immediately come to mind:

-Watching campers on stilts joyfully racing across the ballfield

1-img_3249-Witnessing James Danziger and Lea Nussbaumer unicycling 8.2 miles during Around the Lake Challenge


-Seeing 26 exhausted but proud paddlers complete the 12+ hour grueling Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge

1-img_4980-On Nottingham Fair Day, being amazed by six time Wakeboard World Champion Dean Lavelle completing three flips on a wakeboard– while being pulled by a horse running on Windsurf Beach

-Watching 225 campers complete the 8.2 mile Around the Lake Challenge and 150+ campers complete the Across the Lake 3 mile swim Challenge. Witnessing challenge by choice: never have so many campers reached deep within them selves to discover the determination to take on and conquer major physical challenges. Seeing their proud faces of deep self-satisfaction after taking on challenges was priceless


-Starting the day on a positive note with the many creative and funny Outpost cabin chants inspired by Mitch Hunt

-Enjoying weekly memorable talent show performances by brave campers and counselors

-Posting our first truly viral videos– “We Can’t Stop This Robin Hood Feeling” and “A Day in the Life at Robin Hood” conceived and created by the Daniel Valle Magana, Harvey Woods and Lukas Wiegmann (Click here for link to videos.)

-Launching our first Waterski & Wakeboard Academies

-Seeing record participation in the Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and Squash Academies

It was a memorable 89th season full of countless highlights and are looking forward to an outstanding 90th season in 2017! -Rick Littlefield

Dean Lavelle5?

We are proud to announce that 6 time World Wakeboard Champion Dean Lavelle will lead Robin Hood’s Wakeboard & Waterski Academy, August 7-August 14. With over 21 years of coaching experience, Dean has coached all over the world and now owns and runs the LTS Wakeboard/Waterski/Wakesurf School in Pompano Beach, Florida. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching with a world champion!

Dean’s biography: In 1990, Dean started his professional water-sports career at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. The following year he started his pro wakeboard career. He won the World Championship in 1993 and reigned as one of the world’s best into the millenium.  With his experience and knowledge of wakeboarding, he began coaching around the world and eventually started his own wakeboard and waterski school, LTS., in 2000.

Learn more.. check out his video biography!

Dean will be teaching not only wakeboarding and waterskiing, but will also offer instruction in wakesurfing– the fastest growing watersport in the world!

If you are not yet enrolled, we suggest submitting your online application as soon as possible to reserve a spot as we anticipate closing enrollment during this week very soon. If you are currently enrolled and wish to change your dates in order to work with Dean, please contact us immediately!

Exciting times for Robin Hood 2016! We continue to find talented counselors from all corners of the globe to add to our already expansive program. Highlight additions so far are:

1-IMG_9868 (1)

Champion Thai Boxer Nghia Tran, Australia

Thai Boxing Former World Champion Thai Boxer Nghia Tran –voted favorite counselor every summer–returns for the 16th year to lead our incredibly popular Thai Boxing program.

Wakeboarding/Waterskiing To strengthen our commitment to our new Wakeboard/Waterski Academies, we have hired several extremely talented Colombian nationally-ranked wakeboard/waterski counselors, including Alejandro Arango, current Pan American Jr. Slalom Champion and ranked 11th in the world.

Golf Academy Popular PGA Pro Mitch Hunt returns for the entire season to run our golf program amd Golf Academy.


Tennis Professional Arpan Trivedi, India

Tennis Academy RH campers will continue to receive championship-level intensive instruction at our Tennis Academy, led once again by Tennis Professional Arpan Trivedi.

Equestrian Riding Two-time Jr. National Champion Colombian Maria Mejia joins the RH riding program this summer, and she is joined by well a competitive vaulter.


Squash Director Hameed Ahmed, USA

Squash Academy Hameed Ahmed, Harvard University Men’s and Women’s Assistant coach, will return to lead the RH Squash Academy this summer.

With still more than six months to go the staff is shaping up to be exceptional.

The following is a transcript of a Morning Devotional given by Robin Hood Camp Director Rick Littlefield at morning roundup on the campfire benches this July.

Round Up

How many campers and counselors can cluck their tongue? Please raise your hand. Congratulations you’ve earned one point. How many can curl their tongue?   Roll their tongue? How many can touch their nose with their tongue?

Those of you who can perform any of these skills particularly need to listen to what I have to say next.

The tongue is the most powerful weapon on earth. Words have the power to be like fire, burn, cut, and kill.

Who of you have been hurt by the words of others? Words can be incredibly destructive, inflict pain, suffering, and be traumatic. Words can cause war & death. I bet you remember for a very long time when someone has said something mean to you, made fun of you, or made a negative judgment about you.

-I challenge you to make a promise to be more careful with your words and to not use words like IDIOT, STUPID, JERK, or GAY.

Words can also be positive, encouraging, supportive, make someone smile or laugh, and feel good about themselves. In a world that is not always so nice with careless words being used all around, your choice of words can help heal wounds, inspire, give hope, offer needed friendship, demonstrate caring, and show love.

-My next challenge is to literally hold your tongue. Do you have control over it now?

Make a promise to yourself to be more aware and notice when you are becoming harsh and cutting. Admit and take responsibility for when you have hurt others with your words. Ask for the power to use words to bless and heal other people not hurt them.

-Make a pledge to yourself: I will notice and focus on what is GOOD about the people around me and not the negative. I will seek out and speak to people I have not been consistently nice to or encouraging and either apologize to them or at least say something encouraging to them. I will be more mindful about grumbling, complaining, whining & gossiping and recognize that these are really bad habits & actions.

When the following words are said about other people, they make judgments about them behind their back and cause harm.

  • “She’s so annoying!”
  • “Don’t you hate what she’s wearing today?”
  • “Did you see him play soccer? Tommy is such a spaz.”

-If you have a problem with someone seek them out privately one on one. Approach them at the right time. Speak to them when your attitude is in the right place and wanting to improve a situation. Talk to them with the goal of healing and not crushing the other person.

If I can’t do these things then keep your mouth shut and do this: Hold your tongue.

“The words of the reckless pierce like swords, but the words of the wise brings healing.” Be wise. Thank you for listening.


Sending warm wishes to the following returning campers with October and November birthdays! (more…)


Robin Hood remains strong through its tradition of family-family referrals. We encourage you to be part of this network and share your good experience with others!  We offer the following special thank you gifts for simply introducing us to other families and rewards for those campers who enroll. 

If you recommend Robin Hood to a friend, classmate or family member and they schedule an interview with Rick Littlefield (in person or Skype) by December 31, 2015, you will receive a thank you gift–the gift of sleep!  Check Rick’s travel calendar (see our blog article) to see when he is coming to your town. Send us your friend’s name in the Refer a Friend link under the Enrolled Families tab on our website or Email us at robinhood@robinhoodcamp.com. If an in-person meeting cannot be arranged, we can set up a Skype interview. 

For each referral who interviews, you will get

One Late Sleep In For Your Cabin until 9 am!

…and we will add a Personalized RH Pillowcase!


Don’t forget: if you are enrolled for 2016, you also receive a:

$150 Reward!


Earn $150 reward for every camper you recruit and who comes to camp! We hope to hear from you!


Refer a friend to camp this summer!

Director Rick Littlefield will be on the road to meet new and current campers and their families.  If you would like him to drop by to say hello or meet your friends who are interested in learning more about Robin Hood, please  Email us at robinhood@robinhoodcamp.com. 

Our new “Refer a Friend” campaign is underway (see blog article)! Refer a friend or family member who meets with Rick and and earn rewards!


2015-6 Travel Schedule

  • Nov. 7 • Miami
  • Nov. 8 • Miami Bowling Party, Strike Miami, 1-3pm
  • Dec. 5 • New York City
  • Dec. 6 • Stamford, CT Climbing Party, Chelsea Piers, 12-2pm
  • Dec. 7 • Greenwich
  • Dec. 14-16 • Chicago
  • Jan. 9 • New York City
  • Jan. 1 • New York City Skating Party, Wollman Rink, 1-3pm
  • Jan. 11 • Philadelphia
  • Jan. 12 • Washington D.C.
  • Jan. 13 • Baltimore
  • Jan. 15-16 • Dubai
  • Jan. 17-18 • Tokyo
  • Jan. 19 • Shanghai
  • Jan. 20-21 • Hong Kong
  • Jan. 22-23 • Singapore
  • Jan. 28-31 • Bogota
  • Feb. 1-3 • Rio de Janeiro
  • Feb. 4-6 • Sao Paolo
  • Feb. 7-9 • Lima, Peru
  • Feb. 23 • Greenwich
  • Feb. 24 • New York City
  • Feb. 25-27 • London
  • Feb. 28 • Paris Reunion, 5-7pm
  • Feb. 29 • Paris
  • March 1 • Amsterdam
  • March 2 • Paris
  • March 3-4 • Zermatt
  • March 5 • Zurich
  • March 6 • Gstaad
  • March 7-8 • Geneva
  • March 9 • Munich
  • March 10 • Hamburg
  • March 11-12 • Madrid
  • March 13 • Madrid Reunion, 5-7pm
  • March 14-15 • Rome
  • March 16 • Florence
  • March 17 • Milan or Venice
  • March 18-19 • Monaco
  • March 21 • New York City
  • March 22 • Greenwich

We are excited about several projects currently being worked on at Robin Hood this Fall:

Renovated soccer fields We are renovating the fields down in camp and up by the Infirmary. Our goal is have fields grow thicker grass, fill any and all bald spots, and smooth the fields where possible. Since the end of camp we have hauled more than 15 truckloads of fertile top soil, planted more than 400 pounds of Kentucky blue grass and spent several hundred man hours to improve our fields. We are restricted by strict conservation zoning laws that regulate what we can do with our field down in camp due to it being so close to the lake but are less restricted at our Infirmary field. We hope the effort will result in better quality playing fields.



Re-Roofing of Stutely/Sherwood and Warrenton cabins

Stutely Roof1

New wooden Archery backstop

Archery Wall photo

New Infirmary A new Infirmary site is being prepared down in camp to be located among the Girls cabins between Bernice and the Arrivals & Departure building. Construction is scheduled to begin toward the end of October.


Keep us posted on what’s new with you this Fall!


Happy September back at home and school! I took my last Boston Whaler boat ride of the season yesterday to say goodbye to the seals on Spectacle Ledge. Although it’s time to focus on RH 2016, my thoughts are still on my favorite memories from this summer.

A highlight of the 2015 season for me was watching record numbers of campers challenge themselves beyond their normal comfort zones to take the Around the Lake 8.2 Mile Challenge, the Across the Lake Swim and the Super Deep Water Test. I was most impressed by a record-breaking performance by more than 20 campers who successfully took on the grueling and exhausting 12-hour Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge. To those who pushed themselves to take on any challenge: you should feel proud of your achievements! We will be adding new challenges for 2016 and you will be reading about them soon.

Summer of 2015 was also the first year of Squash, Tennis, Golf, and Football/Soccer specialty Sports Academies for campers looking for more intensive and advanced training experiences. We most likely will be adding Waterski & Wakeboard Academy for 2016 during Week 6 and 7. This summer was also the summer of Bubble Soccer, Parkour & Free Running, Survival Training, an expanded trip program, and of course the excellence and inspiration of Nghia Tran once again leading Muay Thai Kickboxing. I looked forward to and admired the creative cabin chants (led by the Outpost) every morning at Round Up and the “We love you Neerav” chant that continued all summer. Summer 2015 was a special season. I look forward to presenting an even more fun, exciting, playful, and challenging summer for 2016.

-Rick Littlefield

Until recently, my estimate of the number of countries represented by enrolled campers has been 23. While fact checking from Europe, I discovered to my surprise that this number has grown dramatically to 33 countries in 2015. Add an additional nine more countries from staff representation and the 2015 Robin Hood community will have representation from 42 countries.


Campers Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Dubai (UAR), France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and Venezuela

Counselors Australia, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, South Africa, and the Ukraine, plus from countries listed above: Colombia, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States

Robin Hood has never been more diverse or culturally dynamic in our 88-year history. This month I returned from four weeks of interviewing more than 100 children at their homes in Europe ending my around the world recruiting and interviewing travel season.

2015 campers: Get excited to meet an exceptional group of positive, upbeat, thoughtful, intelligent, and genuinely nice campers and staffers. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

-Rick Littlefield

The highlight of my year, outside of camp season, is seeing campers in their homes. What a pleasure it was to begin my London trip with seeing Alexander and India Campbell in London!

In Paris, I was fortunate to see famous Chess Master Andres Blanco who is bringing brother Roman to camp. Showing up at Clement Cretien’s home and seeing him proudly wearing his white RH hoodie put a big smile on my face. I look forward to handing Clement his five year red hoodie this summer! Seeing Jonas Sadock and meeting with his brother Mathias was a pleasure as was seeing the increasingly taller and freckle-faced Raphael Saltiel.

Rick Littlefield's new friend in Zermatt.

Rick Littlefield’s new friend in Zermatt.

In Zermatt, two days of skiing the spectacular slopes in perfect spring skiing conditions was an enjoyable respite from my travel schedule. Check out the picture of my new canine best friend Hugo, a St. Bernard Mountain Rescue Dog.

Two generations of Robin Hooders! Marie and father Albert Mathieu at their home in Zurich.

Two generations of Robin Hooders! Marie and father Albert Mathieu at their home in Zurich.



Announcing two PADI Scuba certification classes  this summer!  Session 1 will the week of July 5, and Session 2, the week of July 19.  The class is four full days and campers must be 12 years old by the class date to participate. Please email us at robinhood@robinhoodcamp.com if you are interested. PADI classes have become more popular in recent years, and we expect to have full enrollment (maximum 8 students) for each session.  Contacting us sooner rather than later is recommended if your child is truly interested in becoming PADI certified at camp!

Escallons and Kurzans

The Escallons and Kurzans during the Whaler RIde.


Thank you to alumnus Ignacio Escallon and his camper son Lucas for having me aboard their Boston Whaler to tour the beautiful Biscayne Bay. Alumnus Enrique Kurzan, one of the first Venezuelans to attend Robin Hood in the 1970s, was also aboard, along with son Tomas who was a camper several years ago.


A Robin Hood party broke out at the Lucky Strikes Lanes at the Camper Reunion on December 7 in Miami Beach. Bowlers included campers Daniella and Gabi Masso, Gregorio Cisneros, Alejandro Acquaviva, Alejandra De Leon, Sandor Von Fedak, Hansen Smith, Lucas Escallon and friend Nicolas Domingues-Stroessner. (more…)


Congratulations to the following campers, whose friends have interviewed with Rick Littlefield this Fall. All the campers below have earned a personalized Robin Hood polo (sometimes called the “No Name Badge Polo”) AND a Robin Hood cell phone case! Plus, their parents have won a personalized Robin Hood duffel! Thank you for the recommendations! Robin Hood remains strong because loyal campers and families recommend other new camp families. (more…)

Our very best wishes to the following campers who are celebrating their birthdays this month!



Alex Hauspurg, Ginna Levine, Hillary Porter, Nick Hoagland, Morgan Hurley, Nina Rubel, Brenton Arnaboldi, Morgan Miller, Peter Ferguson, Jon Viener, David Barlow, Scott Caputo, Alex Beck, Jon Aghravi, Will Bradley,  Charlton Field

Alex Hauspurg, Ginna Levine, Hillary Porter, Nick Hoagland, Morgan Hurley, Nina Rubel, Brenton Arnaboldi, Morgan Miller, Peter Ferguson, Jon Viener, David Barlow, Scott Caputo, Alex Beck, Jon Aghravi, Will Bradley, Charlton Field

For those who still possess an idealized childhood vision of Robin Hood, you are not alone. Even I, who literally live and breathe camp year-round, was drawn back into some of my sweetest memories at Oct. 19 alumni party in Manhattan, surrounded by some of my favorite campers of all time. I am still so very touched by the grownup Robin Hooders who turned out to reminisce and – I kid you not – sing camp songs, it has kept a smile on my face for weeks.

The day didn’t start out promising. My high expectations for our Sunday afternoon cocktail party at the Waldorf Astoria diminished when I awoke with a remarkable case of laryngitis that forced me to hand-write notes to the staff, to be even vaguely understood. Moreover, I was presiding over a bowling party for our current campers in the early afternoon. Perhaps I had over-reached. (more…)


Happy Birthday to the following campers who celebrate their birthdays in November! (more…)

Miami Bowling Party Invite

The most frequently asked question each fall and winter is “What’s going to be new next summer?” Here is the initial plan!

1. Expanded and Improved Riding Ring The new ring will be 40-50% larger in square footage with improved drainage and new surface material. The equestrian program will be enhanced with a larger jump course and better footing for the horses.


2. Two New Hunter/Jumper Ponies The new ponies will be similar to “Snowball,” our most popular horse this summer.

3. Tennis Court Re-surfacing Tennis Director Arpan Trivedi and you will be pleased to have four courts newly resurfaced. Construction will be completed this fall.

Tennis Courts2


4. Shower Rooms Boys and girls shower rooms to have new shower doors installed to replace curtains where needed and water flow to shower heads improved. (more…)


Rebecca and Stefano

We just celebrated the nuptials of former Robin Hood directors Alex Ross and Emme Roberts when we heard from another Robin Hood romance-turned-married couple this summer. And they have just relocated to the Boston area – a driving distance from camp!

Rebecca Kennedy and Stefano Lorenzini met in the summer of 2011 when she was head girls’ director and he was returning for a second season to head up the sailing department. Robin Hood, apparently, hit them both with a Cupid’s arrow, and only two years later they were married on a beach in Santa Maria, Colombia, before settling in Boulder, Colorado.

Exchanging vows in Colombia

Exchanging vows in Colombia

Rebecca became a Robin Hood camper in 1995 and her gift for friendship was immediately apparent. She is one of those happy individuals who make friends with everyone – and maintains those connections over time. (One year we heard about a New York City birthday party where camp friends flew in from outside the country.) She was in her tenth season with us, rising from camper to counselor to director, when she met Stefano.

The happy couple

The happy couple

This beautiful pair stopped by camp this summer, looking like they could easily step right back into their roles as camp mentors. But they are now fully ensconced in careers and ambitions: Stefano, an Italian-Colombian ecologist from Bogota, is employed in the solar energy industry. Rebecca is finishing up her PhD in U.S. and Latin American History from the University of Colorado in Boulder.

We wish them the very best and expect to see much more of them in the coming summers!

At Robin Hood we talk a lot about how to encourage campers to be good citizens, appreciate their good fortunes and extend themselves to others.

Fred and Nancy Stein

Fred and Nancy Stein

Our legendary namesake tells the story of a life lived with honor. But, if we were to look closer at home, we can’t think of a better example of a couple who works to make life easier for the disadvantaged than our own Fred and Nancy Stein. (more…)


The Candleboat Procession - a Robin Hood  Camp tradition.

The Candleboat Procession – a Robin Hood Camp tradition.

10. Our tradition of 87 years That’s 87 years of experienced leadership and old-school values coupled with the coolest and most dynamic program in camping.

Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks

9. Special Event Days 4th of July, Monte Carlo Day, Pirate Day, Nottingham Fair Day and fireworks!


8. Location! Location! Location! As our theme song states: “On the lake and by the sea, Robin Hood, dear Robin Hood.” We are the only camp in the U.S. both on a lake and the ocean. This gives us an almost unfair advantage over any other camp.

The Around the Lake Run

The Around the Lake Run

7. The Special Challenges The Around-the-lake 9-mile race; The Across-the-lake 33mile Swim Challenge; The Super Deep Water Challenge; The Across the Lake Paddle Challenge; The One Day Mt. Katahdin Climb. (more…)

Our very best wishes to the following campers who are celebrating their birthdays this month!



NYC Bowling Party Invite


I am often asked why my father chose the name Robin Hood when he founded the camp in 1928. It’s a simple question with a fairly complicated answer.

Our original name was actually “Robin Hood School of the Open,” not Robin Hood Camp. My father was an educator who steadfastly believed Robin Hood represented far more than just a sports and nature camp. He considered the value and mission of Robin Hood to be primarily educational, teaching lifetime values in an outdoor setting. My father occasionally became irritated when people called us a camp.

1930 Camp Portrait

1930 Camp Portrait


Alex and Emme

Alex and Emme

If Friar Tuck himself had presided over the nuptials, the marriage of Alex Ross and Emme Roberts could not have been a more Robin Hood affair. In August, our longtime camper, counselor, director and dear friend Alex Ross married Emme Roberts in the UK, whom he met five years ago when Emme traveled from England to be Robin Hood’s archery counselor. On Aug. 17, they repeated their vows in a beautiful ceremony in downtown New York, at the trendy Standard High Line Hotel overlooking the Hudson, with several camp friends in attendance. (more…)

Robin Hood and the Littlefield family lost a friend and memorable benefactor last month with the passing of Lynne Leakey, the African safari guide and conservationist instrumental in arranging for a Maasai warrior to travel to Robin Hood and teach campers the ways of his tribe.

Lynne died peaceably in her sleep Sept. 12 while on safari in Tanzania, and the outpouring of sadness form every corner of the world shows how many people she touched with her endless energy and love for Africa.

Lynne and Joseph


Archery contest

The 2014 archery contest

Robin Hood is truly a green/scarlet wonderland this week, as half of the trees on the lake and around the cabins have turned bright autumn colors and the rest remain evergreen. You could say the color competition continues, even in the absence of campers!

This brings us to our annual report on which team won the year.

It was a very tight race:

Halfway through July it looked like the Scarlets would win our annual Green-Scarlet contest for the second year in a row but the Greens dominated in stripe points, team contests, and also won Nottingham Fair Day to claim the prize for the summer of 2014.

Congratulations are due to both teams for their positive leadership and good sportsmanship.

  • Greens were led by: Captains Jacob Noddin and Rosemary Loer; Sr. Lieutenants Josh Cornelius and Catherine Khatsenkova; Middler Lieutenants Emi Valedon and Ichiro Miyasaka; and Jr. Lieutenants Elysee Barakett and Sebastian Samadi.
  • Scarlets were led by: Captains Oliver Wronski and Gabriella Masso; Sr. Lieutenants Anna Pitts and Antonio Pardo; Middler Lieutenants Charlotte Jones and Jonathan Mong; and Jr. Lieutenants Sophia Arnaboldi and Boris Jusidman.

    Sophia and Eliza in the Nottingham Fair Play

    Sophia and Eliza in the Nottingham Fair Play

The win was particularly significant, in terms of camp history.

After 87 seasons, the Greens have claimed the title for 44 summers, while the Scarlets hold 43. Let’s see if the Scarlets can even the score in 2015! A future question is who will win “the century,” once Robin Hood turns 100 in 2028! Will it be a 50/50 split, or are the Greens starting to pull ahead?

Launching the candleboats with love.

Launching the candleboats with love.

Nottingham Fair fireworks!

Nottingham Fair fireworks!


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