September in Maine

A good day Fall fishing!

Remaining in Maine into mid-September, for the first time in many years, has allowed Robin and I opportunities to enjoy and appreciate Robin Hood in unique ways. It feels odd to experience a Boston Whaler boat excursion to Camden Harbor without 10 campers aboard to share time together over lobster dinners. Downtown camp is an eerie ghost town without the vibrancy of hundreds of campers and counselors to bring it alive. There are no campers to play ping pong, tennis, golf, or chess with. But it is peaceful beyond words and serenely beautiful.

Even the loons seem to miss the liveliness Robin Hood creates on the lake for two months. Three curious loons surfaced next to our Hobie Cat sailboat and followed us to shore two days in a row as if to ask “where did everyone go?”

The irony is that late August and early September, after camp has closed, is the best time to be in Maine. Absolutely no mosquitos are buzzing, temperatures are in the 70’s and almost no rain. Nights can be brisk fall evenings.

It has been fun to have all the Robin Hood toys and lake to ourselves and friends. Now is time for reflection to review this past season and to re-calibrate to create plans for next summer. The next blog will announce what we are planning new for next summer.

Wish you were in Maine to share RH in it’s fall glory with us! Best of luck with school and your ambitions. Think of us from time to time. Only 283 days until Opening Day 2018! –Rick Littlefield

First signs of Fall on Caterpillar Hill.

2017 London Camper Reunion Bowling Party

London’s Camper Reunion, held Saturday, February 25, wins the award for being the best-attended reunion bowling party of the season! It was special to see Lorenzo and Edoardo Usai, Pietro Pignatti, and Carlo Masoni arrive wearing RH white hoodies. Loved it! Thanks also for joining us: Anya and Armand Nedungadi, new camper Laura Logan, Omala and Ela Snyder, Gabriela Horn Montoya, Zoe Smith, Lauren Shillabeer, Alessia Ascolani, Evelyn Walsh (and her alumnus Dad Matt Walsh), Pauline Brandenburg, and India Campbell who brought good friend Ayisha Durbar, and younger brother Adam Durbar (top score bowler and future camper). Plus, a big thank you to 16-year Robin Hood veteran and popular Program Director Jon Pelz and to Matt Powley who both helped run the event. Adding to the excitement of the party was a fire alarm evacuation that briefly interrupted the fun but created a perfect group photo opportunity taken by Laura Logan’s mom. –Rick Littlefield

Rick Littlefield with Lorenzo and Edoardo Usai

Campers wore their white hoodies!

India Campbell and Ayesha Dunbar

Adam Durbar (brother of Ayesha) with Jon Pelz and Matt Powley

Rick Littlefield will once again be on the road next week to meet new and current campers and their families. Next stop—Europe!

His itinerary so far appears below. If you would like him to drop by to say hello or meet your friends who are interested in learning more about Robin Hood, please send us an email to

February 23-27    London

February 28-March 2    Paris

March 3-4    Rome

March 5-6    Florence

March 7    Milan

March 8    Geneva

March 9    Gstaad

March 10-12    Madrid

March 13    Monaco/Monte Carlo

2017 Skating Party

Perhaps our best skating party reunion ever! Twenty-five enthusiastic campers, four staffers, and many parents braved cold weather, and tricky travel conditions to skate and network at Trump Arena in Central Park Sunday morning. Many true loyalists appeared wearing RH uniform clothing. Once again Alistair won the “Best Dressed Award” wearing a complete uniform of RH sweat pants, T-shirt, and white hoodie. Anna Hoernig won the “Long Distance Award” for traveling from Washington DC and I was impressed by how many drove or trained in from Connecticut and New Jersey. Both Alistair and Anna earned a lobster or steak dinner this summer! Great to see: Sebastian Wood, James Danzinger, Gunnar Overstrom, Malachy Guzman, Anna, Alistair, and Arthur Schnieders, Lyla and Ella Miller, Marcus and Benjamin Matitia, Ley and Zachary Ziemba, William Leon, Lucia and Santiago Simonian, Alexandra and Sofia McGoey, Alice, Sophie and Thea von Seidel, William Riley, and Anna Hoernig. Alex and Veronica Moreno dropped by at the end to say hello. Congrats Veronica on getting into Boston College and Alex on getting into the University of Miami. Thank you very much to 15 year RHers Chris and Jon Pelz for your much-appreciated help in running the event. Welcome back from the University of Edinburgh! Sorry if I missed any other camper’s names. Next Reunion up will be the Bowling Party Reunion in London February 25.

Bundled up for skating!





Congratulations to the following camper families. They are just some of the families who have enrolled under the December/January tuition discounts. Each family has received TWO of our new RH magnetic bumper stickers, and each camper received two adhesive RH stickers!

Sarah Mojica Arango

Philippa von Selchow

Sadie Wilson

Camilla, Caprina & Lola Fiorenza

Marcelo Barrera

Alexander & Daisy Sheikh

Christian & Eleanor Graziano

Nicole Rausch

Alya Ben Youssef

LilaMaria Martinez

Elizabeth & Wesley Tarbell

Charlotte Loechner

Toby Goldston

Lucas, Alice & Felipe Zelmanovits

Brooke Henkel

Anis Basini

Eric Bartunek

Enroll today and earn prizes for your family!

Remember… Our December/January Enrollment Incentive Plan is happening now through January 31– the last tuition discounts of the year! Enroll by January 31 and receive a discount up to $600 if both the registration fee and tuition are paid in full.  All funds paid in advance are 100% refundable until April 1, 2017, if you withdraw for any reason. See our Dates and Rates page for details.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office at with any questions! We can’t wait to see you in Maine this summer!


The last opportunity to take advantage of our enrollment tuition discounts begins Dec. 1 and ends Jan. 31.  In order to guarantee a place for your camper and avoid the possibility of being wait-listed, we strongly encourage December and January enrollment. December/January Rates will be posted on website on December 1.

Two financial options to consider:

  1. Enroll by January 31 – and receive a tuition discount up to $600 if both the registration fee and tuition are paid in full.  All funds paid in advance are 100% refundable until April 1, 2017, if you withdraw for any reason.
  2. Enroll and submit only the $500 registration fee.  This will hold a place for your child.  The tuition balance will be due by April 1, 2017, at the full tuition rate.  The registration fee is also 100% refundable until April 1 if you need to withdraw for any reason.

The first 25 campers to enroll under the New Year Discounts win TWO of our new RH magnetic bumper stickers!



Hameed Ahmed

Great news! Harvard Men’s & Women’s Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed has officially signed on to run our 3rd season of Squash Academy for two weeks July 2- July 15. Harvard won both Men’s (2014) and Women’s (2015) National Championship as well as three Ivy League titles. Hameed has coached more than 20 All American college Squash players in his career.

As a player, Hameed was seven-time National Champion of Finland, held a #8 European Ranking, and was #18 in the world. Most important, Hameed is among the greatest role models, superior coaches, and nicest people I have had the pleasure to work with in my career. In Hameed’s spare time he is working on his MBA degree at Harvard. We are blessed to have him with us. -Rick Littlefield




Congratulations to the following campers, whose friends have interviewed with Rick Littlefield so far this Fall. All the campers below have either a RH backpack OR a Sleep In this summer for their cabin plus personalize RH pillowcase.

Tara Ahluwalia

Chip Paardekooper

Ploni Paardekooper

Valeria Arvelo

Kate Wilson

Joao Vergara

Robert Tang

Sydney Green

Thank you for the recommendations! Robin Hood remains strong because loyal campers and families recommend other new camp families.




Construction is underway on a new girls’ cabin to be completed by the end of the year with luck. Nella will be our roomiest and best girls’ cabin ever built at Robin Hood. It will be two feet wider than any other girls’ cabin so it should be, and feel, more spacious and also have more floor space down the center aisle. The bathroom will be completely tiled and have sinks and power outlets both inside and outside the bathroom. The windows will be slightly bigger, and the exterior walls will have log cabin siding installed.

We will accept the same number of girl campers as last summer so the new cabin will help to alleviate overcrowding during peak weeks.

We promise to send you progress photos as construction continues. As you will see from the drone aerial photograph the cabin location is just above Inpost and across from Thames.



2016 New York Bowling Reunion

Congratulations to Pablo Navarro, Anna Schnieders, and Teddy Nelson for winning lobster or steak dinners this summer for their bowling scores at the New York Camper Bowling Reunion Sunday November 6! Alistair Schnieders also earned a loyalty award of a lobster or steak dinner by appearing in full RH uniform complete with shorts (impressive in November), t-shirt and hoodie. Thanks also go to Arthur Schnieders, Malachy Guzman, and Xander Ferguson who showed up proudly wearing their RH hoodies; Teddy Nelson, who wore six green and red RH wrist bands; alumnus Robyn Assile Ziemba (one of the very first girls to attend RH as a camper), who arrived with daughter Leyla and son Zachary, and husband John; and future camper Christian Anderson, who earned the long distance award for taking the train in from Princeton, NJ. Also great to see squash star Toby Goldston. The NYC Marathon suppressed our Upper East side and CT camper attendance due to major street closings but those who came made up for this with their enthusiasm. Thanks for coming!


Allistair Schnieders in full RH uniform


Malachy Guzman, Xander Ferguson and Teddy Nelson


Arthur, Anna and Alistair Schnieders


Moomba says “Look at me sparkle!”

The new Moomba is here!

Take a look at the pictures of our shiny, sparkly brand new Wakeboard/ Wakesurf boat that arrived at camp last week looking eager to hit the water in June 2017. The Moomba is specially rigged for use with Wakesurfing, the fastest growing water sport.

Moomba is begging you to come aboard.

Moomba is begging you to come aboard.


Moomba tyring to back itself into the lake.

Moomba tyring to back itself into the lake.

Sending warm wishes to the following returning campers with September, October and November birthdays!



Birth Date Age Full Name
9/1/04 12 Mariana Cosio
9/1/05 11 Mariana Garcia
9/1/06 10 Luisa Lafontaine
9/2/02 14 Sofia Subramaniam
9/2/06 10 Sadie Wilson
9/3/04 12 Katherine Keeley
9/6/00 16 Nepomuk Von Mylius
9/6/01 15 Afsheen Zarrin
9/6/04 12 Georges Schmitz
9/7/01 15 Victoria Khatsenkov
9/7/02 14 Luis Fernando Paul
9/7/03 13 Felipe Perez
9/9/04 12 Maxence Hortefeux
9/11/02 14 Anna Kurtin
9/12/00 16 Sebastian Canedo
9/12/02 14 Elysee Barakett
9/12/05 11 Gabriela Cattan
9/13/99 17 Maria Tskhovrebova
9/13/02 14 Nicole Rausch
9/13/07 9 Tito Ford
9/16/01 15 Gabriela Horn Montoya
9/17/01 15 Zoe Smith
9/17/03 13 Seldon Salaj
9/17/04 12 Sofia Lafontaine
9/18/01 15 Claire de La Rochefoucauld
9/18/01 15 Edouard Hortefeux
9/18/01 15 Virginia Tronchetti Provera
9/19/00 16 Jacobo Rojas
9/19/05 11 Antonio Macedo
9/20/01 15 Jose Alavaro Santos
9/21/03 13 Valeska Valdez
9/21/05 11 Alessandra Sanchez
9/22/03 13 Gilberto degli Azzoni Avogadro Carradori
9/22/05 11 Victor D’Hendecourt
9/23/05 11 Julia Rocha
9/24/02 14 Alejandra De Leon
9/24/02 14 Kate Wilson
9/24/07 9 Ronan Young
9/25/02 14 Esteban Puyana
9/28/03 13 Eliza Herzog
9/30/03 13 Fifi Steiner
9/30/04 12 Michael Rimer


Birth Date Age Full Name
10/1/02 14 Susana Mazalan
10/1/03 13 Beno Garcia Murciano
10/2/99 17 Yasmine Barbes
10/6/00 16 Stearns Weil
10/6/05 11 Sasha Assayag
10/8/02 14 Irene Fonseca Lean
10/8/04 12 Avery Brooker
10/9/02 14 Giorgio Gianoli
10/11/07 9 Finn Cathey
10/12/00 16 Olivia Schmitz
10/12/01 15 Eugenia Rossi
10/13/01 15 Omala Snyder
10/14/05 11 Angela Amat G-Cereceda
10/15/05 11 Ricardo Oriol
10/16/02 14 Teddy Nelson
10/18/04 12 Emma Symonds
10/19/05 11 Eddy Rouben
10/20/01 15 Hadrien Jacheet
10/20/03 13 Frankie Sanchez
10/20/05 11 Shiv Shamdasani
10/21/03 13 Guilherme Falbel
10/21/03 13 Philip Vallen
10/23/01 15 Allie Canaday
10/23/02 14 Malloy Clifford
10/25/05 11 Naomi Diesendruck
10/27/00 16 Carlota Chacon
10/29/04 12 Marco Ford
10/29/04 12 Tomas Garcia
10/31/01 15 Pedro Alegret Font
10/31/04 12 Lope Mendoza
10/31/06 10 Anika Urrutia


Birth Date Age Full Name
11/2/02 14 Caroline Brizius
11/2/02 14 Jordana Sampson
11/3/05 11 India Campbell
11/4/03 13 Gaia Nattino
11/4/04 12 Gabrielle Dumonteil
11/5/03 13 Teddy Benchley
11/6/00 16 Samuel Mejia
11/7/06 10 Pedro Pelaez
11/8/02 14 Aitana Zunzunegui
11/9/02 14 Mauricio Vergara
11/9/03 13 Lyla Miller
11/9/04 12 Judith Van Dusen
11/9/07 9 Luis Ignacio Arvelo
11/10/00 6 Jean Augustin Touton
11/10/03 13 Alejandro Elwaw
11/12/02 14 Louisa Bradley
11/12/05 11 Isabella Camacho
11/14/02 14 Ignacio Rey De Castro
11/14/04 12 Alex Haegler Scherr
11/14/05 11 Camilla Alzetta
11/15/02 14 Filippo Bracchetti
11/15/04 12 Gea Valentino
11/15/08 8 Dante Marsili
11/16/00 16 Alessia Ascolani
11/16/06 10 Safira Chatwal
11/17/03 13 Isabella Greene
11/18/02 14 Jose Manuel Pardo
11/19/02 14 Spencer Van Vacas
11/19/05 11 Sofia Pardo
11/20/03 13 Federica Giannone
11/26/04 12 Annika Elstrom
11/27/02 14 Adriana Carlota Leyba
11/27/03 13 Nora Godo
11/27/06 10 Marc Rodes
11/28/03 13 Ella Froemming
11/28/03 13 Lukas Froemming
11/30/02 14 Javier Canedo


No sooner does camp end that we begin plotting and scheming to improve RH for next year. These are some of the projects we are committed to:

-Two boys’ cabins and one girls’ cabin have already been re-roofed.

-The dining room floor is in the process of being completely re-tiled.

-We have purchased a 2016 Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat.


New 2016 Moomba Wakeboard/Wakesurf boat

-A new boys’ shower house will be built ON THE HILL by next summer.

-The girls’ shower house is being made bigger.

-A new girls’ cabin to be named “Nella” begins construction in October! (FYI: In Robin Hood lore, Nella is the sherrif’s daughter and the woman Will Stutely is in love with.)


-New and additional shelving is being added to two to three more girls’ cabins.

We’ll keep you in the loop as these plans progress and as exciting program ideas evolve! -Rick Littlefield

With another spectacular summer on the lake and by the sea behind us, the following highlights immediately come to mind:

-Watching campers on stilts joyfully racing across the ballfield

1-img_3249-Witnessing James Danziger and Lea Nussbaumer unicycling 8.2 miles during Around the Lake Challenge


-Seeing 26 exhausted but proud paddlers complete the 12+ hour grueling Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge

1-img_4980-On Nottingham Fair Day, being amazed by six time Wakeboard World Champion Dean Lavelle completing three flips on a wakeboard– while being pulled by a horse running on Windsurf Beach

-Watching 225 campers complete the 8.2 mile Around the Lake Challenge and 150+ campers complete the Across the Lake 3 mile swim Challenge. Witnessing challenge by choice: never have so many campers reached deep within them selves to discover the determination to take on and conquer major physical challenges. Seeing their proud faces of deep self-satisfaction after taking on challenges was priceless


-Starting the day on a positive note with the many creative and funny Outpost cabin chants inspired by Mitch Hunt

-Enjoying weekly memorable talent show performances by brave campers and counselors

-Posting our first truly viral videos– “We Can’t Stop This Robin Hood Feeling” and “A Day in the Life at Robin Hood” conceived and created by the Daniel Valle Magana, Harvey Woods and Lukas Wiegmann (Click here for link to videos.)

-Launching our first Waterski & Wakeboard Academies

-Seeing record participation in the Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and Squash Academies

It was a memorable 89th season full of countless highlights and are looking forward to an outstanding 90th season in 2017! -Rick Littlefield

Refer a boy camper, win a personalized white hoodie AND our new RH socks!

White Hoodie3


Robin Hood 3Robin Hood 5

We expect to be in Wait List status for many of our boy age groups with the next two weeks and we want to make space for all interested boy campers as soon as possible!

We offer a special incentive for current families and campers who recommend and help us enroll boy campers. For every new male camper who enrolls we will give them, and the camper who recommends them, a personalized white hoodie plus a special edition pair of our new RH socks.  If you already have a white hoodie, you receive another one! If your referral enrolls and comes to camp, you also earn a $150 recruiting bonus!

Hope to hear from you!



Dean Lavelle5?

We are proud to announce that 6 time World Wakeboard Champion Dean Lavelle will lead Robin Hood’s Wakeboard & Waterski Academy, August 7-August 14. With over 21 years of coaching experience, Dean has coached all over the world and now owns and runs the LTS Wakeboard/Waterski/Wakesurf School in Pompano Beach, Florida. Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching with a world champion!

Dean’s biography: In 1990, Dean started his professional water-sports career at Sea World in Orlando, Florida. The following year he started his pro wakeboard career. He won the World Championship in 1993 and reigned as one of the world’s best into the millenium.  With his experience and knowledge of wakeboarding, he began coaching around the world and eventually started his own wakeboard and waterski school, LTS., in 2000.

Learn more.. check out his video biography!

Dean will be teaching not only wakeboarding and waterskiing, but will also offer instruction in wakesurfing– the fastest growing watersport in the world!

If you are not yet enrolled, we suggest submitting your online application as soon as possible to reserve a spot as we anticipate closing enrollment during this week very soon. If you are currently enrolled and wish to change your dates in order to work with Dean, please contact us immediately!


Sending warm wishes to the following returning campers with October and November birthdays! (more…)


Robin Hood remains strong through its tradition of family-family referrals. We encourage you to be part of this network and share your good experience with others!  We offer the following special thank you gifts for simply introducing us to other families and rewards for those campers who enroll. 

If you recommend Robin Hood to a friend, classmate or family member and they schedule an interview with Rick Littlefield (in person or Skype) by December 31, 2015, you will receive a thank you gift–the gift of sleep!  Check Rick’s travel calendar (see our blog article) to see when he is coming to your town. Send us your friend’s name in the Refer a Friend link under the Enrolled Families tab on our website or Email us at If an in-person meeting cannot be arranged, we can set up a Skype interview. 

For each referral who interviews, you will get

One Late Sleep In For Your Cabin until 9 am!

…and we will add a Personalized RH Pillowcase!


Don’t forget: if you are enrolled for 2016, you also receive a:

$150 Reward!


Earn $150 reward for every camper you recruit and who comes to camp! We hope to hear from you!


Refer a friend to camp this summer!

Director Rick Littlefield will be on the road to meet new and current campers and their families.  If you would like him to drop by to say hello or meet your friends who are interested in learning more about Robin Hood, please  Email us at 

Our new “Refer a Friend” campaign is underway (see blog article)! Refer a friend or family member who meets with Rick and and earn rewards!


2015-6 Travel Schedule

  • Nov. 7 • Miami
  • Nov. 8 • Miami Bowling Party, Strike Miami, 1-3pm
  • Dec. 5 • New York City
  • Dec. 6 • Stamford, CT Climbing Party, Chelsea Piers, 12-2pm
  • Dec. 7 • Greenwich
  • Dec. 14-16 • Chicago
  • Jan. 9 • New York City
  • Jan. 1 • New York City Skating Party, Wollman Rink, 1-3pm
  • Jan. 11 • Philadelphia
  • Jan. 12 • Washington D.C.
  • Jan. 13 • Baltimore
  • Jan. 15-16 • Dubai
  • Jan. 17-18 • Tokyo
  • Jan. 19 • Shanghai
  • Jan. 20-21 • Hong Kong
  • Jan. 22-23 • Singapore
  • Jan. 28-31 • Bogota
  • Feb. 1-3 • Rio de Janeiro
  • Feb. 4-6 • Sao Paolo
  • Feb. 7-9 • Lima, Peru
  • Feb. 23 • Greenwich
  • Feb. 24 • New York City
  • Feb. 25-27 • London
  • Feb. 28 • Paris Reunion, 5-7pm
  • Feb. 29 • Paris
  • March 1 • Amsterdam
  • March 2 • Paris
  • March 3-4 • Zermatt
  • March 5 • Zurich
  • March 6 • Gstaad
  • March 7-8 • Geneva
  • March 9 • Munich
  • March 10 • Hamburg
  • March 11-12 • Madrid
  • March 13 • Madrid Reunion, 5-7pm
  • March 14-15 • Rome
  • March 16 • Florence
  • March 17 • Milan or Venice
  • March 18-19 • Monaco
  • March 21 • New York City
  • March 22 • Greenwich

Hameed Ahmed

Hameed Ahmed, Harvard University Men’s and Women’s Assistant coach, will lead the Robin Hood Camp Squash Academy this summer.

During Ahmed’s two seasons at Harvard, the team captured both Men’s (2014) and Women’s (2015) National Team Championships as well as three Ivy League titles. At the University of Rochester, as a coach for two seasons,  Hameed coached six players to All-American honors.

As a collegiate player, Hameed earned three All-American selections and served as team captain for three seasons.

Hameed represented Finland at six European Team Championships and three World Team Championships. Other accomplishments include winning seven Finnish Junior Championships as well as three European Junior Grand Prix titles. While coaching at Harvard, Hameed is currently pursuing his Harvard master’s degree.

We look forward to Hameed leading the Robin Hood Squash Academy and feel fortunate to have him join our team.

The second half of my 2015 Europe trip brought many more great meetings with campers. In Barcelona I was honored to join Erik Sevillano and his dad Victor to celebrate Erik’s mother Christina’s 39th birthday. This will be Erik’s 6th season Daniel’s 5th summer, and Mikey’s 7th summer.

Rick Littlefield was honored to help celebrate the birthday of Supermom and RH loyalist Christina Sellart and Ramon Shayo Cup winner Erik Sevillano in Barcelona!

Rick Littlefield was honored to help celebrate the birthday of Supermom and RH loyalist Christina Sellart and Ramon Shayo Cup winner Erik Sevillano in Barcelona!

In Madrid I was very pleased to visit with Jaime and Juan Garcia Larriu, and Pilar Garcia Friginal at their home. Ines Gomez Recio, the always cheerful and smiling tennis star stopped by my hotel along with her older brother Javier who will be a counselor with us this summer for the first time. Thank you to the Lopez Garayalde family, who hosted a wonderful luncheon party for me that included Lucia, Maria, Javier and Pablo Lopez Garayalde, all part of a long time RH family. Also Javier Herrero and family surprised me with their appearance along with Paula Acuesta. The incredibly enthusiastic bothers Fernando and Juan Llovet also stopped by to say hello.

How many Robin Hooders can you identify in this photo from Rick's visit to Madrid?

How many Robin Hooders can you identify in this photo from Rick’s visit to Madrid?

Rick Littlefield with Juan, Fernando and Elena Llovet in Madrid.

Rick Littlefield with Juan, Fernando and Elena Llovet in Madrid.


The highlight of my year, outside of camp season, is seeing campers in their homes. What a pleasure it was to begin my London trip with seeing Alexander and India Campbell in London!

In Paris, I was fortunate to see famous Chess Master Andres Blanco who is bringing brother Roman to camp. Showing up at Clement Cretien’s home and seeing him proudly wearing his white RH hoodie put a big smile on my face. I look forward to handing Clement his five year red hoodie this summer! Seeing Jonas Sadock and meeting with his brother Mathias was a pleasure as was seeing the increasingly taller and freckle-faced Raphael Saltiel.

Rick Littlefield's new friend in Zermatt.

Rick Littlefield’s new friend in Zermatt.

In Zermatt, two days of skiing the spectacular slopes in perfect spring skiing conditions was an enjoyable respite from my travel schedule. Check out the picture of my new canine best friend Hugo, a St. Bernard Mountain Rescue Dog.

Two generations of Robin Hooders! Marie and father Albert Mathieu at their home in Zurich.

Two generations of Robin Hooders! Marie and father Albert Mathieu at their home in Zurich.



Announcing two PADI Scuba certification classes  this summer!  Session 1 will the week of July 5, and Session 2, the week of July 19.  The class is four full days and campers must be 12 years old by the class date to participate. Please email us at if you are interested. PADI classes have become more popular in recent years, and we expect to have full enrollment (maximum 8 students) for each session.  Contacting us sooner rather than later is recommended if your child is truly interested in becoming PADI certified at camp!

Specialty Sports Academies Update

Robin Hood is proud to announce intensive specialty sports academies for Golf, Tennis, Soccer and Squash for dedicated athletes looking to improve their skills in these specific sports.

Golf Academy Week 2 (June 28-July 4) and Week 6 (July 26-August 1)


• Intensive seven-day golf instruction

• Five rounds of instructed on-course play

• Daily driving range instruction

Tennis Academy Week 1 (June 21-June 27), Week 3 (July 5-July 11) and Week 7 (August 2-August 9)

Tennis Girl Closer

• Intensive seven-day Tennis training

• Minimum commitment of 3 hours daily

• Up to six hours on-court if desired

• Private and semi-private lessons each day for Academy players

• Footwork and conditioning training

Soccer Academy Week 3 (July 5-July 11) and Week 6 (July 26-August 1)


• Intensive seven-day Soccer training

• Minimum three hours of training plus match play daily

• Intensive skill development training daily

• Speed, quickness, and conditioning training daily

• Participants must bring soccer cleats and shin pads

Squash Academy Week 1 (June 21-June 27) and Week 4 (July 12-July 11)

Squash from Above

• Intensive seven-day squash skills training on-court

• Minimum two hours with possible training up to four hours a day

Runners take your marks, get set, GO!!


• Join our afternoon running club for boys and girls of all ages and abilities looking to get in shape for track, cross-country, or any sport requiring conditioning. No sign needed. Practice for our 5K and Around-the-Lake road races.


We are proud to announce that for the first time in our 88-year history Robin Hood will accept an equal number of girls and boys campers! Twenty-six summers ago we accepted our first 20 female campers. There were 180 boys and 20 girls attending during our first co-ed season. Imagine how brave and adventurous those first 20 girl campers had to be. I admired their spirit and fearlessness.  A remarkable 90% of the first group of female campers returned and we expanded the program to accept 40 girls for the second summer and 60 girls the third year. We knew after the third season Robin Hood would always be a coed experience for campers. The 2015 camp season Robin Hood will truly be an equally co-ed experience.


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