What’s New for 2019!

Improving Robin Hood every year is a personal obsession carefully considered each fall and winter. What can be done to further enhance our already dynamic program? What new and meaningful challenges can we add to inspire campers to further reach outside their comfort zones? Read about our exciting additions so far for 2019:

Learn to Ocean Sail Course and Cruise (ages 15-18)

Two weeks | July 7- July 20
Optional Week 3 PADI Scuba Certification Course |  July 21-28

We are pleased to announce an Learn to Ocean Sail Course and Cruise, with cruising among the hundreds of islands and harbors along the coast of Maine.

Program highlights:

-Two  weeks cruising aboard a 40’ sailboat sailing among the islands and Harbors of Penobscot Bay Maine
-Learn to ocean sail or expand your sailing skills
-Learn to navigate using charts & electronics
-Learn seamanship
-Earn a Ocean Sailing Level 1 Certification
-Cruise Penobscot Bay to Camden, Stonington, Belfast, Rockland, Monhegan Island, Isle Au Haut, Swan’s Island, North Haven & Vinalhaven, Northeast Harbor, Bar Harbor
-Optional PADI scuba certification course July 21-28
-Limited to 6 participants, ages 15-18

Tuition for the 2 Week Ocean Sailing Certification is $5500, plus a $500 registration fee.
Tuition for optional 3rd Week PADI Scuba Certification course, plus access to Robin Hood sports and activities is an additional $1300.

College Bound Prep Program (ages 15-17)

 Three weeks | July 7-28

For high school students looking to prepare themselves as best as they can for the challenging and confusing college admissions process to U.S. colleges, we are offering a 21-day College Bound Prep Program, providing intensive SAT/ACT standardized testing course, elite college counseling, and an expansive Five Day College Tour of the Boston area, Connecticut, and New York City.

Program highlights:
-SAT or ACT test prep tutoring five hours each day for 14 days SAT or ACT Practice testing every four days starting with baseline testing Day 2
-Supplemental Math and English tutoring as needed
-Five Day New England and New York College Tour, including stops at Boston University, Boston College, Tufts, Northeastern, Bentley, Harvard, MIT Trinity, Connecticut College, Yale, NYU, Columbia and Parsons Institute

Sample daily schedule:
9:00 am –  11:00 am SAT or ACT prep tutoring
11:15 am –   2:30 pm Lunch and sports activities (Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Waterski/Wakeboard/Wakesurf, Sailing, Paddleboarding, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Table Tennis and more)
2:30 pm –  4:30 pm SAT or ACT prep tutoring and testing
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm Afternoon Activities in and out of Robin Hood property
6:00 pm Dinner

Fifteen-year -old participants live with 15-year-olds in other RH programs and may go out at night with CITS if they wish. Sixteen and 17-year-old participants live with similar age Robin Hooders and may go out at night with CITs or JCs.

Tuition for the 3 Week College Bound program is $7400, plus a $500 registration fee.

Other options for age 15:  The Camper in Transition (CIT) program or our new Learn to Ocean Sail Course and Cruise

Other options for ages 16 & 17: The Post Grad program (formerly called the 2nd Year CIT program) or our new Learn to Ocean Sail Course and Cruise

Pickleball Comes to Robin Hood

Robin Littlefield mastering the art of Pickleball.

After being introduced to and playing Pickleball over Thanksgiving at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs I am enthusiastic to announce we will be adding Pickleball to our afternoon activities and campfire program in 2019. Easy to learn, quick to set up and tremendously fun, there is no doubt Pickleball will become a popular addition at Robin Hood in a hurry. This paddle sport is a cross between Tennis and Paddle Ball. Three Pickleball courts can fit on one Tennis court.

Circus Program is Expanding

You asked and we listened – your camper questionnaires revealed many requests for a larger program. This Fall we will be kicking off a talent search for more Circus counselors to accommodate the program’s popularity.

Fitness Training Academy

Trainer Calvin Patterson is eager to not only run two Intensive Training Academies in 2019, but to also re–locate the Fitness closer to the Squash & Fencing Pavillion. Exact dates and details to come.

Outpost Improvements

The Outpost used to be the absolute favorite camper cabin to live in and we are close to receiving a formal permit from our town to help enhance the Outpost experience. We are planning to install a bathroom inside the Outpost and install a separate septic field after 20 plus years of trying to get approval. The Outpost will also have their own ping-pong table, foosball table, and a more direct path to the lake leading to the Wakeboard dock to enjoy swimming at night off the dock.

Fewer Roundups

By popular demand we will be dropping one roundup per day from our 2019 daily schedule. Where possible, we will try to drop a second roundup – except special circumstances like the Friday dance.

Sailing Improvements

We have purchased a second 13’ Boston Whaler Dauntless sailing chase boat, named “Sputter” to help sailing teaching. We will also will be adding a new fleet of sail boats at the suggestion of Monaco Sailing Champion Anthony Minder. We also be purchasing two RS Quest lake sailing boats. They are at terrific training boat that also has a spinnaker. Sailing was extremely popular at camp last summer– did you know campers earned a total of over 200 stripes in Sailing?

Happy Birthday to the following campers who have birthdays in November and December!


Name Birthday Day Camper Age
Kit Livanos 2 11
Will Leon 2 12
Francis Bayly 2 13
Mari Guerrero 2 13
India Campbell 3 13
Graham Leeman 4 10
Gaia Nattino 4 15
Gabrielle Dumonteil 4 14
Andres Posada 6 12
Jaky Bellotti 6 12
Devon Coleman 6 12
Fay Paardekooper 7 11
Luis Ortega 7 12
Carli Duenas 8 12
Gabriela Esquerdo Par 8 13
Mauricio Vergara 9 16
Judith Van Dusen 9 14
Alicia Saenz 9 11
Ale Elwaw 10 15
Guigo Beresin 10 12
Lexi Balodis 11 13
Ben Balodis 11 13
Alexia Pasold 12 15
Cami Alzetta 14 13
Adriana Pastor 14 13
Tess Ceratti de Carvalho 14 14
Juan Andres Carbonell 14 13
Ignacio Rey de Castro 14 16
Jim Webster 15 13
Gea Valentino 15 14
Dante Marsili 15 10
Juan Garcia Friginal 15 14
Rani Ali-Svedsater 15 11
Safira Chatwal 16 12
Rachele Lombardi 18 14
Nadim Cook 18 14
Spencer Van Vacas 19 16
Federico Scioli 21 16
Isabella Gardiner 21 13
Aurelia Burrus 23 13
Annika Elstrom 26 14
Matteo Dreesmann 26 11
Matilde Caracciolo 26 15
Jack Bresnahan 27 9
Alexa Duenas 27 11
Marc Rodes 27 12
Santi Croes 28 12
Agnes Ulltveit-Moe 29 14
Peter Viti 29 14
Cole Lehman 29 10
H Darr 30 12
Tika Abdelkhalek 30 13


Name Birthday Day Camper Age
Coco Cresswell 1 16
George Phillips 2 16
Beckett Odabash 4 12
Sophia Thielmann 5 15
Thomas Avellan 5 12
Max Pasold 6 12
Madeleine Gabriele 6 12
Ricardo Fernandes 7 13
Hannah Berry 8 11
Celeste Colin 9 16
Tatum Jansma 9 14
Nicolas Esquerdo Par 10 17
Chip Paardekooper 11 13
Cri Marchesi 12 14
Nina Stahl 12 12
Max Popik 14 12
Helene Webster 15 10
Marijo Colmenarez 16 13
Joe Palaia 17 13
Alejo Chegwin 17 10
Ronen Borkar 18 14
Nicky Sutter 18 16
Arthur Fink 19 13
Elisa Korte 20 12
Joffre Salies 20 16
Layla Lukaj 21 16
Fili Rodriguez 21 15
Jo Carrera 21 13
Will Bishop 24 13
Badr Basini 26 9
Teresa Huete de la Puerta 27 11
Filippo Palombini 28 14
Ricardo Croes 29 15
Charles Paolini 30 10
Sophia Shiatis 31 11
Este Tejpaul 31 12
Max Tejpaul 31 12
Lorenzo Kauffmann 31 11
Simon Villamizar 31 13


We kicked off our world reunion party season tour Sunday, November 11 in New York City and hosted a lively Miami Bowling and Sushi Reunion on December 2. Next up: NYC Camper’s Council Reunion, NYC Annual Skating Party, and planned Camper Reunions in Bogota, Sao Paulo, London, Paris, Gstaad, Monaco, and Madrid!

NYC Camper Reunion Bowling Party

New York City Bowling Reunion

I wish to thank the following campers and staff for making the NYC Bowling Reunion party especially fun: Jon Pelz, Pablo Navarro, James Danziger, Malachy Guzman, Teddy Nelson, Sebastian Finger, Xander Ferguson, Somers Harvey, Gabby Ostad, Cole and Luke Lehman, William Leon, Carlos & Sebastian Lopez, Nick Aston, and Declan Hart-Syed. I hope I didn’t leave anybody out! It was awesome to see RH white hoodies on Somers, Malachy, Teddy, James, Pablo, Carlos and Sebastian. Even better I was proud to see the warm and welcoming greetings many veteran campers extended to the new campers.

Miami Camper Reunion Bowling and Sushi Party

Ricky and Cami Alzetta, Thomas and Nicholas Avellan, Ale Elawa, Lucas Velarde, Olivia Torres and Juan de Fex at the Miami Bowling Reunion.

In 85 degree Miami heat and humidity on December 2, Ale Elwaw masterfully bowled his way to victory in a tight battle with Andres Alvarez to win a lobster dinner. Cami Alzetta, Olivia Torres, Ricky and Felix Oriol all wore RH uniform hoodies and earned lobster dinners this summer. Ricky Alzetta earned special recognition for his impressive display of sushi eating skills! I have never seen any person eat so much sushi so quickly in my lifetime. For Ricky’s remarkable performance he will be taken for a special Sushi dinner at Shimbashi in Ellsworth this summer.

Thank you also to Lucas Velarde, Juan Felipe de Fex, Thomas and Nicholas Avellan, and Jake Meyer who all made the effort to attend the reunion. I also had the pleasure to see the famously talkative Jack Dodds at his house in Coral Gables. Ricky and Felix Oriol won the Long Distance (and Persistence) Award for driving the farthest for the reunion and earned lobsters for their efforts.

Jake Meyer, Ricky and Felix Oriol at the Miami Bowling Reunion.

Happy Birthday to the following campers who have celebrated recent birthdays!


Day Age
Katie Castillo-Bernaus 1 14
Laurinha Pereira 2 12
Chelsea Watson 2 17
Tilda Oberg 5 13
Benjamin Matitia 6 13
Arianna Recordati 8 15
Alejandro Alvarez 8 16
Daniel Hohnloser 8 11
Flore Benmussa 10 13
Pepe Balbo Portella 11 15
Jean Gailly-De-Taurines 12 16
Reynier Casagrande 13 16
Sebastian Samadi 13 15
Ricky Alzetta 14 15
Benjamin Jais 14 11
Isabella Palombini 14 10
Sof Bouaoudia 16 13
Holden Fraser 16 14
Karam Malhotra 16 13
Madeleine Barakett 17 12
Fernando Barbosa 20 14
Noah Urrutia 20 15
Guilherme Petrilli 21 11
Pietro Poss di Verbania 22 13
Noah Bilton 22 12
Andreas Elstrom 22 12
Xenia Blankenburg 22 14
Dane Noddin 23 15
Luca Mangiardi 24 15
Antonio Auriemo 26 14
Laely Tarbell 27 11
Toby Goldston 29 16
Gabriel Jaramillo 29 12
Tomas Uribe 29 11
Santi Simonian 29 13
Mirco Jacobs 30 14
Ashleigh Barron 31 10


Day Age
Josephine Moell 1 12
Somers Harvey 1 14
Annapache Montini 1 15
Sadie Wilson 2 12
Joao Magalhaes 3 9
Rufus Drummond 3 12
Gabi Shor 4 10
Lili Zelmanovits 5 12
Dani Lens 5 13
Zac Joseph 6 12
Emma Vestergaard-Poulsen 6 15
Gaby Lopez 7 13
Sacha Hood 8 13
Ines Matitia 9 10
Artur von Opel 9 12
Cata Guerrero 9 15
Maxence Hortefeux 9 14
Bruno Abucham 10 13
Gabriel Pereira 11 13
Fer de la Puente 12 16
Elysee Barakett 12 16
Leonard Crettol 12 16
Gerrit Davidson 13 12
Willem Davidson 13 12
Arthur Marclay 13 15
Nicole Rausch 13 16
TT Armleder 14 14
Felipe Shor 15 14
Cay Grana 16 14
Seldon Salaj 17 15
Blake Coleman 17 10
Maria Rodriguez 19 14
JP Oakim 20 13
Gilberto degli Azzoni 22 15
Victor D’Hendecourt 22 13
Ines Arana 22 12
Felipe Sarue 23 12
Will Peterson 23 14
Ronan Young 24 11
Alejandra De Leon 24 16
Esteban Puyana 25 16
Pedro Camargo 25 12
Raph Chermat 26 15
Allegra Alfaro 27 12
Max Lomans 27 14
Fifi Steiner 30 15
Tati Salmi 30 12


Day Age
Gigi Margolis Praun 1 13
Susana Mazalan 1 16
Anna Antignac 3 12
Carlotta Hipp 4 14
Phil Yanakov 5 15
Flavia Tunik 6 16
Lior Roth 6 12
Avery Brooker 8 14
Finn Cathey 11 11
Rafael Serna 12 14
Martin Charpentier 12 16
Alberta Casagrande 13 15
Juan de Fex 13 11
Teddy Nelson 16 16
Cruz Ramirez 16 14
Anton Dreesmann 18 14
Allegra Speck 19 9
Rafa Klein Gianella 20 12
Shiv Shamdasani 20 13
Malloy Clifford 23 16
Willy Underwood 24 14
Kamal Cook 26 13
Isa Chacon-Calderon 27 13
Lucas Velarde 28 13
Raphaelle Frerejouand 30 12
Silio Romero 5 14

Topping the list of memorable moments of RH 2018 has to be the morning roundup marriage proposal by Jon Pelz to Hayley Sperring. The camp erupted as it became clear what Jon was up to. Congratulations to Jon & Hayley. I will also remember the inspiring singing performances of Alva and Arthur Fink, Carlos “Santana” Morales’ behind the head guitar riffs, the voices of Mitch Hunt, Tabitha Ley-Smith and Hayley Morgan, Leland Fraser’s legendary hair flip at the dances, 200 campers completing the 8.2 miles Around the Lake Challenge, 32 campers completing the grueling 13 hour Bagaduce River Canoe Challenge, more than 125 completing the Across the Lake Swim, 10 campers completing the Biathlon Across the Lake Swim and Around the Lake Run. Etched in my mind are the presence of World Champion Brazilian Wakesurfer Anne Prochaska, Champion Nghia Tran, Harvard Squash Coach Hameed Ahmed, World Champion Wakeboarder Dean Lavelle, Tennis Pro Arpan Trivedi, Soccer Coach Bruce Groshong, the inspiring energy of Archery champion Paulina Vazquez, and the photography and videography talents Dani Valle and Harvey Woods. My apologies to the other 450 people not mentioned.

Now on to 2019! Almost 200 campers are already enrolled. Come join them!

–Rick Littlefield


2018 New York City Ice Skating Reunion

We hope to see you at one of the growing number of reunions around the world!

New York City Bowling and
Ping Pong Reunion
November 11
1:00-3:00 p.m.
Lucky Strike Manhattan
Miami Bowling & Sushi
December 2
1:00-3:00 p.m.
Splitsville Miami
New York City Camper’s
Council Reunion
January 12
Details to come!
New York City Skating Party Sunday,
January 13
1:30-3:30 p.m.
Chelsea Piers
Bogota Bowling Reunion Saturday,
February 16
5:30-7:30 p.m.
La Bolera Unicentro
Sao Paulo Bowling Reunion Saturday,
February 23
Details to come!
London Bowling Reunion Saturday,
March 9
2:00-4:00 p.m.
All Stary Lanes-Bayswater
Gstaad Bowling Reunion Friday,
March 15
Details to come!
Milan Reunion Thursday,
March 21
Details to come!
Madrid Bowling Reunion Sunday,
March 24
Details to come!


2018 Bogota Bowling Reunion

The closeness of the Green/ Scarlet teams scores were so close that it required multiple recounts to determine the winner.  Greens won Nottingham Fair Day and this proved to be the difference maker. Congratulations to Greens Captains Faaris Zuberi and Majo Colmenarez and Lieutenants Emel Zuberi, Anis Basini, Ava Kilmurray, Andreas Elstrom, Leyla Ziemba and Winslow Van Vacas.

Congratulations also to Scarlets Captains Ben Steiner and Rita Grinfeder, as well as Lieutenants Alejandro Alvarez, Fifi Steiner, Jeronimo Marsili, Adriana Pastor, Dante Marsili, and Hannah Berry. -Rick Littlefield

The Oakland House

We are thrilled to announce that in mid-January we purchased Robin Hood’s abutting property on the ocean, the historic Oakland House Inn, restaurant and seaside cottages. The Oakland House is literally walking distance from Robin Hood, and by far the most convenient option for camp families looking for lodging when they are bringing children to and from camp.

Due to the limited number of cottages available weekends are expected to fill up quickly and families with interest are urged to act quickly.  Reservations are made directly through the Oakland House website:  www.OaklandHouse.com.  You may contact our general manager Heather Wren directly at:  relax@oaklandhouse.com.  She can help you determine the appropriate cottage for your needs. There is a two night minimum requirement to stay in one of our one and two bedroom cottages on the ocean and we encourage longer stays for parents and families to enjoy and discover the charm of our part of Maine.

The Oakland House will operate as a resort with activities for families, including watersports such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, stand up paddle boarding, as well as horseback riding, guided hikes and powerboat excursions out to the islands of Penobscot Bay.  While Robin Hood families will enjoy many of the same activities as campers, the Oakland House will be a separate entity and reservations and excursions must be booked separately. For years parents have asked us: “Why don’t you have a camp for adults too?” Here’s your chance!

The land has been a working property within the extended Littlefield family for seven generations and was a part of a colonial grant by King George III in 1763. At its peak The Oakland House welcomed vacationers from the around the world, hosted weddings and reunions and was known for its country breakfasts and creative dinners. We plan to restore the inn, re-open the restaurant and welcome families to book long and short-term stays in the oceanside cottages as early as this summer. More information will follow soon.

–Rick and Robin Littlefield

Herrick’s Landing on Eggemoggin Reach

The Grindstone cottage

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Rick Littlefield with Victor H. in Gstaad last year

Director Rick Littlefield will be on the road to South America and Europe very soon to meet new and current campers and their families. First stops: Colombia and Brazil!

A personal meeting is a required part of enrollment and a wonderful way to learn more about Robin Hood. To schedule an appointment please Email us at robinhood@robinhoodcamp.com. Current campers: if you have a friend or family member considering camp this summer, just Email us with their contact information. We look forward to hearing from you!

2018 Travel Schedule

Fri.-Sun., Jan. 26-28             Bogota

Mon.-Tues., Jan. 29-30         Rio de Janeiro

Wed.-Fri., Jan. 31-Feb.-2      Sao Paulo

Thurs.-Sat., March 1-3           London

Sat., March 3, 2pm                 London Bowling Party

Sun, March 4                           London OR Amsterdam

Mon., March 5                         Amsterdam

Tues.-Thurs., March 6-8        Paris

Fri.-Sun., March 9-11              Gstaad

Wed.-Thurs., March 14-15     Berlin

Fri., March 16                            Munich

Sat., March 17                           Vienna

Sun., March 18                         Hamburg

Mon.-Tues., March 19-20     Geneva

Wed.-Thurs., March 21-22     Milan

Fri.-Sat., March 23-24            Monaco

Sun.-Mon., March 25-26      Madrid

Visiting David and Gabriel H. in Sao Paulo last year


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It has been an eventful year at Robin Hood Camp! This summer we introduced hydrofoil and badminton, saw more campers than ever enroll in our sports academies, launched a new wakesurfing boat and debuted a boys shower house on the hill.

Let’s take a look back at more memories from last summer, by the numbers:

7 years old — the age of youngest camper

18 Junior Counselors – graduated from the program

The eight proud Junior Counselors successfully graduated from Session 1 of the JC Program.

21 pizzas – consumed at bowling party reunions

Last February’s London Bowling Party Reunion

23 balls – destroyed by Handsome

Handsome with one not-yet-destroyed ball.

26 adventurous campers – tried the Hydrofoil

One of the newest additions to the RH waterfront- the Hydrofoil!

49 families — visited by Rick Littlefield during travels outside the U.S.

76 seafaring campers – sailed on our ocean cruise

1,252 followers – reached on Instagram

1,350 Nottingham News newsletters – mailed to families

1,588 RH green T-shirts – ordered from the Outfitters

Almost 1600 green t-shirts were ordered from our uniform site.

2,201 camper emails – sent by parents during camp

3,319 stripes – earned by campers

5,026 followers – reached on Facebook

21,000 views – of the summer’s music video

Many campers showed off their talents in this summer’s music video.

100,000 smiles – from happy campers

We look forward to another awesome summer in 2018!

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