Indoor Activities

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Gymnastics: We offer floor exercises and balance beam training.

Table Tennis: We have seven table tennis tables, with professional training by two coaches, as well as casual play.


Yoga: We offer yoga both indoor and outdoors.

Chess: Professional instruction is offered as well as club competition and casual play.

Rubik’s Cube: A popular activity, Rubik’s Cube it taught and we offer casual competitions.

Photography/Video Movie Making: We offer Digital Photography as well as video movie making instruction.

Muay Thai Kickboxing: [View Video] We offer world-class instruction in Muay Thai Kickboxing.
• Instruction by Former Pacific Rim Champion Nghia for more than 13 years, who has been voted most popular counselor every year for professionalism, caring, discipline, and passion for teaching

Fencing: Electronic foil, epee and sabre Fencing is offered to beginners and intermediate fencers taught by European instructors.

Dance: We offer primarily hip hop and contemporary dance instruction.
• Ballet is available upon request.

Fitness Training & Running: We offer a robust Fitness program and accommodate many different workout styles.
• Work with weights and exercise machines for strength training
• Take spinning and aerobics classes
• Work with a personal trainer and evolve a plan for speed, quickness, endurance and strength training
• If interested in running sprints, middle and long distances, train with running coaches for our 1k, 5k, and Around the Lake 8.2 miles road races

Indoor Basketball: We have access to indoor basketball courts on rainy days when our outdoor courts are unplayable.

Academic Private Tutoring: Tutoring is available for English, Writing, Math and Science (all levels).
• Tutoring sessions are carefully scheduled to not interfere with fun and activities
SAT Prep Course is also available


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